What is the fear of people or society called

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Anthropophobia is the fear of people or society. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-of-people-or-society-called ]
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What is the fear of people/society called?
You might be referring to something known as Agoraphobia, which is a fear of social situations and public places. People who have this experience extreme marked anxiety in public places such as a mall or any area with lots of people, and ma…
Do You Ever Become Annoyed By People Who Fear Societal Change??
I dislike people who fear change~ But twitter is dumb. So is having too much tehcnology. It can make you stupid because you don’t have to think for yourself. Also, does everyone *really* need to know what you’re doing every second of ever…
Do Atheists cost society more in medical bills since they drink m…?
You need to stop listening to daddy and start thinking for yourself. I rarely drink, and I have been an atheist my entire adult life.

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What is the fear of people/society called?
Q: Or is there not a name for it?It’s not agoraphobia. I have that also, though.
A: Anthropophobia
Why do I fear society?
Q: To begin, i want to admit i’m doing all of this to myself and I don’t know why.I fear society in many ways, which makes me very antisocial. I don’t hang out with friends, because I’m scared of them judeing meI don’t let them say happy birthday to me because I want to feel aloneAll of this made me very lonely, I’m doing this to myself and I can’t change itthe results of all this makes me feel depressed, Today is my bray and I really don’t care it doesn’t affect me if any cares.I feel alone I am pushing everyone away from me, and eventurally I would lose everyone.Do I have some kind of sickness? Is it okay to feel all of this at 15I can’t even call people on the phone because I feel they would say no to what I’m saying and it would just make me depress even more…
A: It’s not a sickness, it’s being a coward, and afraid.No doubt, you are afraid to risk, you are afraid.In this life we take risk,We try, we risk failing,We love, we risk rejection We laugh, we risk appearing a foolWe cry, we risk appearing weakWe live, we risk,In this life we need to risk, we need to risk failing, we need to risk being called ” Stupid, Coward and failure,” life is what we make it.Take risks!
Most people who get divorce are married through arranged marriage system or love?
Q: I would say love. Because people who go for love marriage have freedom and guts to even start the relationship so at the end they seem to have guts to end the relationship if things are not going well from either side. So, we Indians call this freedom a stupidity. While on the other flimsy side, cowards are forced to stay together due to the fear of society. Of course they will not get divorce. It is not that easy to get out of the house and walk to the lawyers office while parents found THE ONE for you. Is it?
A: Good question and I will be your anything, you would have alot of Indians really pissed off at your line of questioning, because to be a “good” Indian, is NOT to question…. or go against the done thing….That’s how a culture perpetuates itself no matter how stoopid it it…. It requires believers and followers….No one is spot on….. love…Yes, with love marriages, you choose to be together and/or not to be together, it’s a freedom of choice, both require guts.To stay in a bad arranged marriage requires that you follow, not ACT.I have serious respect though, for those who walk out of arranged marriages and spurn the community and turn their backs on what others think. this is rare, but I tell you, I have a whole lot or respect for those that have the courage of their convictions…. and just ACT.PS: what motivates you to write all these kids of questions? You must face serious opposition from fellow Indian people?
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