What is the fear of suffocating

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Claustrophobia is the most common fear of suffocation. Have a ChaCha day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-of-suffocating ]
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What phobia is the fear of suffocating?
Its Claustrophobia, it is also the fear of being in closed in a confined space Gerard sylvester_26ATyahoo.com
Is there any way I can cure myself of the continuous and suffocat…?
Dr Fred Kavalier answers your health question: Separation anxiety disorder is a specific psychiatric condition that causes children to suffer excessive anxiety about being separated from their home or from people to whom they feel attached….
What is the fear of being suffocated?
Claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed places and suffocation.

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fear of choking/suffocating?
Q: it was about me having to do up my top button or pull my tie a little higher up to create the illusion for school. i refused to and was denied an eduation for the day when i clearly explained to them why i couldnt do it.i said that i cant and they were like oh ill do it for you then and i said no-one touches me and then i said its not that anyway i said its just when i do it i feel like im gunna choke or somethingand i panic however they didnt care.i explained it in more detial to my mum today. i said to her all about the situation and she said couldnt you just pull the tie up? i said i cant becaue i dont like the feeling of something around my neck becaue i think it is going to suffocate me then i start getting all weak in my arms and legs and get this kinda drop in my stomach like butterflys but more permanant if you know what i mean?? i said that to her and she just went oh.does she even care?? i have told her about my sleep troubles beofre about this and i am always telling her that im having trouble concnetrationg in shcool and i was diagnosed with adhd so she should understand but she just passes everything off, i guess she just dosent understand me at all. im not someone to go round making up problems becuase i find it hard to talk to parents and it takes me a while to bring something up in a subject.the reason why i get so panicky about it all is because when get a tohught i cant shake it out of my head the image or thought keeps reapeting over and over. i think i may ocd but i havent told her that because she would probably just say thats ridicuolus. i lied alot when i was younger but i wouldnt make up something like this. what to do??? mum know bout problem but dont really care so im sure my dad will be the same and probably just say well its your fault you should follow the rules its your choice bascually he takes their side and i just feel like my family is so insensitive and really couldnt give a flying f*ck. its always been this way.
A: If you have already been diagnosed with ADHD, your doctor should know that other conditions can coexist with it, including, as you mentioned, OCD or even an anxiety disorder. If your parents won’t listen to you, see if you can talk to your doctor or the school nurse or guidance counselor. They should have some understanding of what you’re going through.
What is it about “feminism” that many fear the most?
Q: What I read here alot is that feminists are menhaters. Seriously, that has nothing to do with feminism. It has to do with misandism. Misandrism has nothing to do with feminism. But like any other cultures, there are many types of women in the feminist movement.There are many who don’t hate men, but there are also some who do. However, those that actually hate men are those that seem to be the main focus. Why is that?Is it an attempt to suffocate the movement?Why can’t you all just see the positive side of feminism? Why are you so scared? It has been said that if you don’t understand something, you fear it (People tend to fear what they don’t understand).Then you should make an attempt to understand it, then you won’t keep making misconceptions of it, right?Or is it that the types of men who “slam” feminism 24/7 are them men who’d like to be babysat in a marriage by a motherly type? In that case, grow up. Simple as that. :-)Good day!
A: It is an attempt to suffocate and discredit the movement. To me, this is very obvious. The same is true for calling feminists “lesbians” (as if it were an insult–this also attests to the homophobia of those that use that rhetoric). The men who use these tactics to attack ALL feminists on a personal level are not concerned with criticizing the ideology or the politics of the movement, they just want to put down women, and they see “feminists” as an easy target.
Why do so many people fear or reject intelligence?
Q: I see this as a very legitimate question, and it seems, perhaps, especially attributable to WASP’s. Throughout history, there seems to have always been an animosity towards intelligence. In Europe, the church declared innumerable scientists heretics and ostracized them from their communities. Ashkenazim Jews appear to have genetic traits which give them above average intelligence. They were suppressed for so long that many Europeans were convinced they were inferior, and consequently felt it was kosher to *cleans* countries of them. Is it religious views or insecurities? Cancerous growths of ignorance suffocating havens of reason? Or is it, more simply, instinct to suppress difference? Those who have stood up for political or scientific causes have repeatedly been suppressed or harmed from mob rule. I hate to be this petty, but if there were weren’t a disdain for science and reason, let’s be honest- there wouldn’t be so many religious conservatives in government, Bush would never have been elected, and 3rd party candidates like Ron Paul, Mike Gravel, or Mary Ruwart would actually stand a chance. A school board which rejected evolution would be widely caricatured and purged with little contest. Instead, in present day America, this sort of thing is publicized as legitimate discourse, and on *certain* news channels (I don’t think I need to mention names), it is hailed as a noble resistance some ambiguous, evil, godless agenda. I’m not inclined to believe that the population at large rejects intelligence due to jealousy. Most people that play sports as hobbies know they aren’t going to the big leagues, but still enjoy the games. Even though I know I won’t wake up rich by burning through highly regarded investment books, I still read them. I know that I’m smart, but I’m not a genius, either. I look up to brilliant scholars, though, for knowledge and insight. I also respect very smart people. Where’s the disconnect?
A: Perhaps the distinct disdain towards knowledge is not in the knowledge itself, but perhaps in the difficulty of the self-admittance of the human receiver as to the new bout of information.As in stated cases, such events have occurred due to mankind’s inability to accept correction. If you might agree, it is rather difficult to agree with a different idea if you have been believing in another for so long already…Another cause might be that of the general public. Man follows man, the public more so as a greater man opposed to a single individual. As I believe, should even one man in higher league than another believe an idea opposing the newly given, that former idea is given in higher rank than that of one the latter hears with their own ears and believe in truly. Point of view is changed, the circuit is closed.Also, the abject rejection of knowledge is not countered against modern man’s ideas of religion or politics: rather, it is believed that the answer to a certain dislike of data is found within man’s animal-like nature itself, it cannot go against something its ancestors found as a main conept; man’s nature does not allow itself to go against something it has already developed as a truth.And… as to the first answer… that really is a root to most things, isn’t it? Most might say that the most difficulty you might acquire in modern day life is coming up with something completely original and unbiased of anyone else’s ideas, but the real challenge is getting the other man to accept it as a concept of reality.The truth is, there is no diconnection, unless one is made by the audience itself. If you are open, then by all means, you are open. The population of mankind is built of closed and open circuits, and I doubt that by all means this data-gathering will ever come to a standstill, as once in a while, there will always be an open circuit or two that leads to a bulb sooner or later.Truth be told, man was never perhaps meant to find a real answer to his predicaments. Those “legitimate arguments” are the reversed opinion of another lengthened by the other’s opinions.Fear of knowledge does not exist, it is merely the fear to be opposed, and the fear of accpeting something one is unsure of.Thank you for giving me the pleasure of answering such a mind-worthy question. I hope this should aid…?
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