What is the fear of your mother-in-laws

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If you have ever feared your mother-in-law, you might have Pentheraphobia the fear of mother-in-law (Novercaphobia). Thank you. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-of-your-mother%26%2345%3Bin%26%2345%3Blaws ]
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What is a fear of your mother in law called?
Pentheraphobia is the name of the phobia related to the fear of your mother-in-law.
What is the name of the phobia for fear of Mothers- in -law??
“Pentheraphobia” is fear of your mother-in-law

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Why do men of all cultures fear or feel uncomfortable around their Mother In-Laws?
A: Every mother-in-law whom I ever knew was a total jerk.I vow to be extremely good to my daughter-in-laws. I have four sons.
to all who have inter fearing mother -in-laws ?
Q: do you have a mother -in -law who inter fears in your marriage ?how do you cope?
A: they don’t inter fear and act nice to my face but u know when you know someone just do sent like you cause he think you took their son away and all you did is the normal thing get married have kids ! i think they would talk about me behind my back
mother in laws?
Q: my own mother passed away when i was 18, and i have been with my partner for 7 years , i have , well i at least think i do have a problem with my partners mother. when we had our first child together together myself and baby had to stay in hospital for two weeks, she came EVERYDAY with him so i felt we didnt have a moment as a family together.even when we came out she came round every day,i eventually told my partner 2 ask for sometime to ourselves (her face was like thunder)so made me feel guilty. now im having my 2nd child and fear it is going to be the same as before, only this time we need to settle our 1st child with new sister.my mother in law never said congrats when told of my pregnancy , just said what do u want me to say about that???which hurt my feelings as i would give anytng to have told my mum i was expecting.now we are planning on getting married…to which she has said she not paying any toward it and even calls my partner her HUSBAND.. am i being mean??all of my mother in laws children are born outside marriage with all different dads.. .i would’nt mind paying my for own wedding except she wants ALLher family there(at least 500) no joke and a sit down meal!!!not like she cant afford to put her money where her gob is , she earns 60 grand a year!!!!! would’nt mind getting wed in reg office but she aint happy with that!!!im not expecing her to pay for WHOLE wedding !!! but if she wants certain things and demanding it she should put at least a little toward it , i would have aked my parents but both are dead.. if i had all day to write things she demands you’d think im talking about a 90yr old and not 40
A: Join babycenter and visit the dealing with the inlaws board. They are a great support group and they may be able to answer you question a little better. Also you could join the birth club for the month your LO will be born and get a lot of advice on pregnancy and parenting. HTH & GLhttp://boards.babycenter.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?webtag=bcus6687
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