What is the "independent self"

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The definition of independent is free from the influence, control, or determination of another or others. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-%22independent-self%22 ]
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What is the lifelock 400?
The Lifelock 400 is the early-summer Sprint-Cup race at the Michigan International Speedway.The chase for the cup Kansas race in 2007 was called the Lifelock 400,but is currently called the Kansas 400.There is also a Lifelock.com 400 for Ch…
What’s the only mammal that cannot jump?
I am willing to bet that you are looking for the Elephant. There are many sites on the web which have stated that the elephant is the only mammal which can not jump. This is NOT the truth. Just on the Web alone there are several others list…
What is the sharpie 500?
The Sharpie 500 is a NASCAR Sprint Cup stock car race held at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee.

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what is the maternity leave time by law in the united states?
Q: my gf is pregnant and work for a family owned co. she doesnt get benefits as medical ins. so, i’m concerned about the time that they will allowed her to be off. what the law says?thanks.
A: 12 weeks without pay and without losing your position.
What is the difference between a Australian army riflemen and a Airfield defense guard?
Q: Thinking of joining the Australian Defense Force and i know that one job is army and the other is the air force but what are the job differences and which one is better?
A: Riflemen – A rifleman is a private soldier in a rifle unit of infantry. These are the men who take out enemy who pose a threat to either themselves, or any innocent civilian. They only take out enemy that pose a potential threat to people on the ground.Airfield Defense Guard – performs specialist ground defense tasks to protect air power assets from hostile ground action. Their primary role is the protection of Royal Australian Air Force equipment, personnel, assets, aircraft and facilities during operations.ADG’s still perform attacks on the ground, yet support and help out aircraft who need help due to enemy personnel on the ground that put the aircraft in danger.
What is the best metal for earrings and is suitable for sensitive ears?
Q: Hi, i was wondering what is the best metal for earring posts (the part that goes into your ear piercing, needle like part) and is ok with sensitive ears. I am looking at buying ones that are alloy, is there any problems with this type? Thank you
A: In my opinion. Cubic Zirconia jewelry, are very suitable for sensitive ears. You should be careful with alloy though. It depends where it is manufactured.
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