What is the key to being happy

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The key to happiness is gratitude, start your day with making a small list of things that you’re grateful for and it will pay off. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-key-to-being-happy ]
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What is the key to being happy?
Being satisfied with what you have, and knowing you could have it a lot worse help you not to feel BAD. To be happy, you really could be well served by reminding yourself of recent accomplishments. Hundred on a test? Clutch goal in socce…
Is laughter the key to me being happy?
Some say that laughter is the best medicine. I heard about a guy who cured his own cancer by watching funny movies for days. Why shouldn’t it work for mental health issues as well? You and I are a lot alike. I also had problems growing u…
Are personal perceptions a key to being happy? Or does the outsid…?
Both. I feel as if I can control my emotions for the most part, but anyone could alter it if they did/said the right or wrong thing to me.

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What Is the key to being happy with yourself?
Q: Sometimes i find myself listening to what other people are saying about me.I keep changing my looks and dress trying to fit in.how can i be happy just being me?
A: Love yourself and give yourself a *(( BIG ))* hugdon’t mind what other people are saying. they ain’t you. just as long as you feel good about yourself. y’know, that self esteem. get lots of it. live life to the fullest. enjoy it as long as you can because LIFE only comes once in a lifetime. enjoy the things that you love to do. listen to your favorite music. hang out with your TRU best friends. and in no time you’ll be **cheesin** (smiling, duh)oh and being with the ones you love can make you happy too. getting noticed by that one girl will make you happy. talking to her and being with her will make you happy. having her in your life and never leaving (hopefully) will make you happy ALOTwinning at your favorite video game can make you happy, heck winning at your favorite video game that took you half your life to finish will make you happy toothere’s alot of things that’ll make you happy. you just gotta look and don’t take it for granted
Is being yourself the key to truly being happy?
Q: Just being yourself and not being paranoid or caring what others think?
A: Blue eyes,I’m not sure about that. Some people are very unhappy with themselves, or who they are, and the last thing they wish is to be who they dislike. I personally believe for one to be happy requires real work. Not on a daily basis, but in general terms to become the person that is happy. Just because one doesn’t care what others think doesn’t ensure happiness either. It could just mean that you’re a mean person who calls others names and doesn’t care what people think about your name-calling. I think happiness begins with a frame of mind. It means one is free to pursue whatever path they wish to take in life. Happy people respect others, value their opinions, display manners, and care for their fellow man. At least these are some of the traits that people claimed in a recent survey when asked what made them happy.I don’t know that I agree with them all, but for me, I have had to work at being a happy person. And, I believe for the most part I have been successful. I sometimes find myself looking inward to determine why I’m happy at a particular moment, and I learned to appreciate these snapshots in time. I think happiness is vastly a mental state of mind and one that can be conditioned to appreciate when things are good.
Is being able to forgive others a key factor in having a happy life?
Q: Although from my own experience I think it is, what do you think?
A: Forgiveness is key to a happy life. I read a quote that says “To hold onto anger or hatred is like taking poison every day of your life…and hoping the other person dies” It’s best to let it go and move on
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