What is the least painful peircing

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Some people report that a clitoral hood piercing is the least painful piercing. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-least-painful-peircing ]
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What is the least painful peircing.?
I only have my belly button pierced and it was very painful but only for less than a minute. My friends with lots of piercing say that your nose is the least painful and that makes sense. Check this out for what other say! http://bodypierci…

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Can you order from most painful peircing to get to least painful?
Q: I want to get another percing but i cant decide where. So this will help me narrow down. i want to get a percing in the following places:1)industrial2)lip/labret3)tounge4)nipples…lol!5)eyebrow. again6)earlobe7)ear cartialageYou could order these from most painful to least.
A: From most to least..i would say..IndustrialEar CartilageNipplesEyebrowLipEarlobeTongueHope this helps
Least painful peircing, tongue maybe?
Q: Ive been thinking about getting my tongue peirced. Ive heard a whole bunch of different things. supposedly, its the least painful peircing you can get, but i mean, it hurts when you bite your tongue right?anyways, if anyone has their tongue and something else peirced, which hurt more?
A: having your tongue pierced is actually extremely painful, and it swells up so much you cant eat or talk properly for a while, it also feels unpleasant having a foreign body stuck through your tongue, but after a while the swelling subsides, you get used to having the bar through your tongue and it becomes painless, but youll probably find you will be constantly playing with it poking your tongue out all the time and catching the bar between your teeth, most annoying to watch!!! it gives some people the wrong idea as well, as a tongue piercing was originally used as a sexual enhancement for oral sex.
What is the least painful peircing.?
Q: Besides your ears I mean.for the people who are giving me the names of the piercings, you should know I know nothing about what they are called, soooo I dont know what you are talking about.THNX ^.^
A: ears
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