What is the meaning of water in your dreams

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Water is a strong symbol in dreams because so often it is the exclamation point of the feelings in the dream. If other MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-meaning-of-water-in-your-dreams ]
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What is the meaning of water in a dream?
being comfortable by being surrounded by all sides. Water is relaxing, and calming..unless your drowning
What do dreams of water mean?
If you are working through some emotions, notice if water appears in your nightly dreams. Also notice whether it a pond, river, mud puddle, lake, or ocean. Each body of water has a different meaning and can helps you understand what you’re …
Do dreams about rising water have any specific meaning behind the…?
As in flood, I assume. There’s not enough detail to fully decipher. However, with what you’ve given,it does not omen well,particularly in a house. Sorrow and grief will be forthcoming. Best of Luck

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Whats the meaning of water in your dreams?
Q: I had a dream where a flooding of a huge amount of water was very prominent and was continuing to get to higher ground or buildings, with the water eventually catching up and having to move on again. what could this mean?
A: There’s some aspect in your current life that you are struggling with. Whatever this thing or situation is, you feel that its impact on you is overwhelming and that you have little to no control over it.
What does seeing water in your dreams mean?
Q: I often see water in my dreams…does water symbolize something?
A: Your Dream: Water Words like water: Cleansing. Life. Emotions. Ask yourself about your current feelings.
If you keep have dreams about swiming in water does it mean your pregnant?
Q: They say if you dream about water it means your pregnant…Is this true?
A: No actually im wiccan and i believe when you dream your swimming in water your about to be a friend to a pregant women that will conceive at same time your dreaming and it is a sign that she is conceiving and baby will be close to you!Lacosta
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