What is the MMPI test

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The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, or MMPI, is a series of questions with yes-or-no answers. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-mmpi-test ]
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What is the mmpi test?
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. Gathers information on personality, attitudes, and mental health. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory is a test used to gather information on personality, attitudes, and mental health…
How do I enter an Abbreviated MMPI-2 test in Q Local software??
To facilitate an Abbreviated MMPI-2 test administration, all of the items needed to score the 10 Clinical Scales and Validity Scales L, F, and K appear within the first 370 items. If you choose to administer an Abbreviated test administrati…
What is the MMPI test like?
It’s about 600 or so, true/false type items. It is one of the best objective psychiatric personality testing instruments on the market. The two “lie” scales (one for “fake bad”, the other for “fake good”) are f…

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How does a MMPI test determine if someone is an alcoholic?
Q: or depressed? or functional? is this test as accurate as advertised?
A: It’s a very good tool, if not used alone and provided the person isn’t deliberately trying to fake answers. On the other hand, some people that have trouble taking tests in the first place may have wrong scores. When I took this test (evaluation after brain injury), my frustration level with having to choose true or false for questions that were neither true nor false resulted in an inaccurate result in two sections. This was the result of my injury, which is why you need someone with training to interpret (and why Human Resource folks shouldn’t be doing them unless they hire someone qualified to do so).There are certain factors that are common among those who are alcoholics, depressed or have other problems.
What is an MMPI psych test? (& a few more ?’s)?
Q: I know someone that is going thru a custody battle and the people involved have been sent by the courts for a MMPI test (over 500 ? test). What does this test evaluate? What is it that the psychologist is looking for in those answers? And, how does this affect their overall recommendation for how the parenting custody should be?
A: The MMPI is an excellent test for looking at pathology and personality traits. It is rarely administered by itself but rather as a part of a larger battery of tests. The psychologist doing the testing will be attempting to answer a question or questions for the court specific to the issue and will use this and other tests, including interviews and observations, to answer those questions. For an extreme example, assessment that showed severe mental health problems like an inability to accurately and rationally perceive and interact with the world might negatively impact a recomendation for custody.From Widapedia: The original MMPI was developed in the late 1930s using an empirical keying approach, which means that the clinical scales were derived by selecting items that were endorsed by patients known to have been diagnosed with certain pathologies. The difference between this approach and other test development strategies used around that time was that it was atheoretical (not based on any particular theory) and thus the initial test was not aligned with the prevailing psychodynamic theories of that time. The atheoretical approach to MMPI development ostensibly enabled the test to capture aspects of human psychopathology that were recognizable and meaningful despite changes in clinical theories. However, because the MMPI scales were created based on a group with known psychopathologies, the scales themselves are not atheoretical by way of using the participants’ clinical diagnoses to determine the scales’ contents.We now use the revised version, MMPI 2
My friend had the MMPI test and he said it asked a lot of the same questions in different ways questio?
Q: he said he was starting to feel paranoid lol. Normally my friend has not exhibited any paranoia…whats up with all the same questions
A: Tests like the MMPI have built in indicators which show whether or not the administration of the test was valid. A person who reads every question and tries to answer truthfully will usually be consistent in the way they answer similar questions. Because it is a true false questionnaire, the test taker could answer randomly; or the test taker might not be able to read. In those cases, the similar questions will more often be answered in an inconsistent manner and it is a red flag that the test may not be valid.
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