What is the most common fear of people

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What is the most common fear that people have?
Spiders without a doubt. They are the number one known worst fear that almost everyone has.
What is the most common fear for people going into a new school??
Not knowing anybody there. Peer pressure. Not knowing your way around.
Is it common for fundies to hate/fear people who are more educate…?
It was part of Nixon’s Southern Strategy. College students all over the country were rioting because of Vietnam and racial unrest, so Nixon played on the prejudices of the working class and promised them “law and order” if he was …

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What do you think is the most common fear or problem faced by young people today?
A: I was read that in the 3rd world country, it’s poverty while here in the United States, it’s being alone and no one to talk to about once problem since most parents work, work and work. So there’s no quality time shared between parents and children, the reason too why teenagers turns to drugs or other vices that they think makes their current problems go away. Isn’t it sad? We might have everything material things could offer but there’s no one to offer love and affection to us. What’s more important isn’t just money but time and love and care a love one could give.
What is the most common reasons for people to fear success?
A: Because it comes with a lot of responsibility and you may even have to work harder after becoming successful than you did trying to get there.
Why are people afraid of spiders and why is arachnophobia such a common fear?
Q: i’m an 18 yr old arachnofobic. when i see a spider my body shivers and i feel cold,that’s when i see it standind still. when i see it moving first i’m afraid, then i just get this urge to kill it! but not just kill it! i mean i just keep pounding the poor spider with a shoe a dozen times or so. i have no problem watching spiders from places i know they can’t get to me! i even tap the tarantula’s window at Petco thinking on killing it although i get shivery and cold every time i see it! oh and one more thing, i know they are pretty harmless and scared of me! i’m the bigger guy!so…what’s wrong with me? and pls answer the main question too, i’m very curious!Thanks a lot you guys!
A: I feel the same way. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. For me it’s just that they are so creepy and crawly. Ugh yuck now I’m creeped out! When I kill a spider I pound it in to the floor. I know it’s dead but for some reason I just need to know for sure.
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