What is the most effective way to sleep? As in position

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The fetal position – resting on your side with your head slightly forward, your back slightly curved, and one or both knees MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-most-effective-way-to-sleep%3F-as-in-position ]
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Sleep apnea CPAP treatment not effective?
Q: Hi there, I have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I am a 27 year old male, and obese.I was wondering if it is possible for CPAP/APAP treatment to be ineffective? My GP and specialist tell me that the machine says everything is working fine and I’m breathing normally, however I still experience most of my apnea symptoms and I notice a huge difference of quality of sleep based on which position I sleep in, just like before I started treatment. Lying on my back is the worst, side is ok, and stomach seems best. Just like the overnight sleep test indicated without the CPAP.Is it possible that my treatment is not 100% effective, and that I still suffer apnea, despite the computer saying I breath normally? I had 115,7 breathing pauses per hour (extreme). That’s like two per minute. Is it possible my body is “cheating” the machine?Thanks so much!
A: CPAPs are not always effective for everyone… but should still be given a chance to work. They can be very helpfulSome people are too claustrophobic. There are some stream line machines that many patients like.Positional sleeping is a big thing as well. Hopefully you have a machine that does not hinder your stomach sleeping…We all have our favorite position and it is hard to learn a new one. From personal experience…Stomach sleeping is the only way I can get any rest…Since birth…LOL. Have you tried sleeping on your stomach while wearing your machine still?Your settings may not be correct for you…your alarm settings may not be set properly…maybe to loose. If your machine is set to alarm after 30 seconds…you may not be triggering the alarm if your apnea is only 20 second. You might need a stronger pressure to keep your airways open. Or there is a possibility that you need a Bipap….this machine has the one pressure while breathing out….like continuous pressure of a CPAP…but it also has a second pressure to help you take breath in. Maybe this will work better for you…Finally, there are two types of sleep apnea…obstructive= some part of your anatomy is obstructing your breathing. The other is central=your brain is just not telling your body to breathe. This can be caused by heart failure…Your doctor can treat that to lessen the apnea spells.In the end…it is still a machine..if you are feeling it is not working…talk to your doctor…they are very helpful…other ideas maybe possible.I hope I didn’t ramble on…and helped some.
Back aches giving me headaches?
Q: My lower back (lumbar spine) is pretty deep and when I go to sleep and lay on my stomach, it strains my muscles and is painful. (Thanks to what my momma gave me).Its not a good thing. Does anyone know any effective sleeping positions so that I don’t always wake up sore?Thanks in advance.
A: Laying on your stomach will always be hard on your back if you already have back pain. Side or back sleeping is preferred. Using pillows under your knees when on your back and in between your knees when on your side can also be effective. I would recommend seeing a professional in your area.
Baby’s sleeping position?
Q: Hi ladies,I have a 2 week old baby girl, and she seems to like sleeping on her side alot. I flip her to her back, but she seems to be stubborn and prefer her right side. What is an effective way to get her to sleep on her back all the way through her sleeps?
A: You can buy sleep positioners that will keep her on her back. Or roll up two towels really tightly and place them on either side of her – does the same thing.It is OK if she sleeps on her side. My son went through this phase too and I spoke to several people including nurses and midwifes cause I was worried about SIDS and they all said the same thing – it is not recommended that babies sleep on their tummy as this increases the risk if SIDS so the reason they say put them on their back is because young babies cant roll from back to tummy. It is perfectly OK for them to sleep on their side as long as you place something there (as mentioned above) to ensure they do not roll onto their tummy.My son slept on his side for a few months and is now back to sleeping on his back.
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