What is the name of a person who reads minds

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A telepathist, or a mind reader is someone who seems to discern the thoughts of another person without verbal communication. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-name-of-a-person-who-reads-minds ]
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How do you read a person’s mind?
Step1 If your kid/spouse comes home late and you are wondering where in the world he/she’s been. You don’t need to start a session of questioning. It probably won’t get to the truth. Probably end up in a litany of woes. A simple way is to r…
Can a person really read your mind?
Basically, you pretty much need to be born with the gift otherwise its almost impossible to figure out. Alot of people that can read minds dont like it all that much, infact it has been known to destroy them mentally…maybe you should ke…
How To Read The Mind Of A Person?
It is said that a person’s eyes are an outlook into their soul. Basically, their eyes should convey whatever emotion they are feeling. That’s about as far as it gets.

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Is there a name for a person who can make people do what they want?
Q: Like someone who can read minds is called a telepath. Is there a name like “telepath” for a person who can make people do what they want?thanks for that info, so is there a name for a person who can control other peoples thoughts?
A: There is no such word as ‘telepath’, someone who can do telepathy would be a ‘mind reader’, a ‘psychic’, someone who can control minds, well it would be easier saying ‘someone who can control other people’s thoughts.’
How is the party mind reading trick “the name of the game is clickers” performed?
Q: Two people who are in on it, one takes the name of a famous person and then acts out like they are trying to give the name to the other person by clicking their thumb – the name of the game is clickers
A: we used to play it….lets say the answer was beckhamthe name of the game is snaps (the click 7 times, for the number of letters in the name)then they would say a phrase starting with “B”i.e “be careful with this one”then something with the letter “E”i.e. “easy one this one”the something with the letter “C”i.e “could be easy to miss”also, if you want to make it look more flowing, when you get to a vowel, click once of “A”, twice for “E”, and so on in the order A,E,I,O,Uand so on until you’ve spelt the nameSo it would go “Be careful with this one””(2 clicks)””Can you get it yet?”and so on..
Would you change your name?What type of person comes to mind when you hear the name Olivia?
Q: I’ve read name books and some of the character descriptions for my name are dead on! I’ve noticed in a lot of movies the person cast with the name Olivia always plays the stuck up blonde, it’s annoying!! Do you find the meaning of your name to be a match with who you are? I really think names have an effect on your personality!! If you could change your name what would it be? My favorite boy names are: Elijah and Micheal, favorite girl names are: Aaliyah and August 🙂
A: Nah – I wouldnt change my name. When I was younger I heard it all the time, but now its pretty unique – and it suits me – something traditional, intellectual, angry, passionate. What comes to mind with Olivia is stuck up, mean, pretenscious, insecure and slutty.I assumed you wanted me to be honest.
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