What is the number one fear

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What is your number one fear?
Losing my dad 🙁 That and like waking up in a tiny box or something..ugh. *shudder
Why is public speaking the number one fear?
Simply put, people want to avoid failure. No one wants to fail, especially in front of a group of people. People rationalize that they cannot speak publicly because of their fear of making fools of themselves. We are all in the same human p…
Why Public Speaking Is Your Number One Fear And Being Chased By B…?
Without doubt, public speaking can freak you out. But it’s nowhere near as sweat inducing as, say, being chased by a herd of hungry stampeding buffalo. I´d imagine that would be a little more intense than giving a wedding toast. So why, w…

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What is the number one fear in career transitions?
Q: I am doing some research in the area of transitional career change, whether that be when changing jobs, after you lost your job, or if you are looking to retire. Any help would be appreciated!
A: my number one fear is walking into the unknown – the boss, how he/she acts, how easy is it to request off work… just the internal environment of whatever new career i choose!
Why is public speaking considered the number one fear for most people?
A: Feel ashamed!I guess maybe because you have to speak in front of a lot of people… you worry about your voice, your style..etc… you consider their opinions..:( That’s also my problem…!!
Should I still be afraid of my number one fear?
Q: And my number one fear is dying and not finding and marrying the girl that’s made for me. I mean you just never know your death date… And it’s the only thing I fear on this earth. Except for death in general.I know she’s out there. I just really hope she finds me or I find her.I know she’s out there. I just really hope she finds me or I find her.
A: shes out there. please don’t live your life worrying about it. life is short she is somewhere thinking the same thing.
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