What is the phobia for fear of water

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Aqua-phobia, or Fear of the Water is the phobia. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-phobia-for-fear-of-water ]
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What phobia means fear of water?
hydrophobia My cat has an intense case of hydrophobia. 2. what phobia means fear of pain? – aglophobia Many people have aglophobia. 3. what phobia means fear of plants? – botanyphobia A person with botanyphobia cannot visit gardens. …
What phobia is a fear of vehicles near water??
OchoHydrophobia Ochophobia is the fear of vehicles Hydrophobia is the fear of water put em together you have Ochohydrophobia.
Is there an element of germ phobia as well? Fear of using water f…?
Oh, yes. An entire generation has grown up thinking that fountains equal filth, and the bottled water people are happy to exploit that. Some of the ads for water and even for water filters play on this, hyping this idea of public fountains …

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If I fear water like the sea coz of its vastness and I don’t know what’s under, do you call it a phobia?
Q: If yes, what do you call it? Is it more of a fear of the unknown or water? And also is there a phobia such as fear of the loud uh rumbling of water?
A: aquaphobia-fear of water
What’s the phobia name for fear of Dark water?
Q: I’ve noticed lately that i can go swimming but only if the water is not dark, Like if im in a swimming pool at a leisure centre i cannot swim to parts that look dark. I do not like the thought of not being able to see whats under me or around me in dark water. Whats this phobia called?
A: hyperchromohydrophobiaI made that up- It really doesn’t have an official name. I feel the same way about about pools. They must appear very clean, light, and inviting before I even stick a toe in…Nyctohylophobia does not mean fear of dark water. It acutually means fear of dark wooded areas, of forests at night.Check it out on google!!!
What’s the phobia called of “fear of getting water in your ears?”?
Q: I can’t find it!If it is a phobia, I have that & I wan to know the name of it.Please helpp!:)
A: I am sorry, but I couldn’t find your phobia. Although I could find phobias related to wet ears:Water- HydrophobiaMoisture, dampness or liquids- HygrophobiaOcean or sea- Thalassophobia
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