What is the phobia for the fear of pregnancy

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Tocophobia- Fear of pregnancy or childbirth. Call 1-800-2CHACHA for unlimited use of our service! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-phobia-for-the-fear-of-pregnancy ]
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Is there a phobia for fear of pregnancy?
Being afraid of getting pregnant when you have sex would be called “common sense”. The cure is abstinence. Surely not the technical answer you were asking for, but I couldn’t resist.

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I’m abstinent, but I still fear pregnancy. Do I have a phobia?
Q: If my period is a couple days off, I freak out.
A: You just need to understand that you need to have sex to get pregnant…
How does one overcome a pregnancy phobia?
Q: I don’t know how odd I am, I don’t have a baby phobia. In fact I love kids and I hope to have one or two at some point. But the thought of being pregnant puts the fear of god in me. I am in my early thirties.. shouldn’t I be ready to be a mother?
A: yr fear is baseless. have u tried analysing why u fear pregnancy?is it becoz u r afraid of pregnancy discomforts or pregnancy weight gain or baby blues? although i wuldnt say that early 30’s is anything serius to wrry but yes,it is about time u started considering getting pregnant.i will add that i was also quite like u.very very afraid of pregnancy but my friends all around me were getting pregnant and enjoying pretty well.their hubbies were more loving tender and caring,their families families and even strangers turned so protective,and when their babies arrived they were so cute and their world was so full of blissful happiness that i finally decided that there cant be anything to put it off.i am currently almost due and i must say that i have enjoyed it thouroughly and greatly benefitted in terms of more love,affection,care and tenderness from everyone. think positive.u will probably be very thankful that u decided to become pregnant.pregnancy isnt only abt weight gain or discomforts.it is about thousands of other wonderful things and definitely God has created women for child bearing so u shouldnt hve any fear from God’s quarter.good luk
how to cope with the fear of pregnancy/labor and after?
Q: i have already had the discussion with my husband before we were married about no babies soley because of my fear. before i explain, i realize some may consider my fear selfish…i am beyond terrified…the pregnancy, the idea of having something live inside me, the pressure of keeping the baby alive, the labor and dont forget the possibility of something going terribly wrong as in losing my life, the babies life, defects…pretty much everything and anything. everyone said i would grow out of it…im pushing 30 in a couple of years and if possible have worked myself up even more about it. now all my friends are starting to having kids, and although at this moment i am still FAR FROM READY for children…i just want to know if anyone out there has this phobia and what have you done to beat it. obviously i can speak to my dr. but im looking to see if anyone has experienced these feelings to this degree. than
A: I admit I also share some of your fears. However, I do think it is best to try and keep the situation in perspective. The situation I grew up in was far from ideal, so I sometimes worry that if I had kids I would end up feeling “trapped” like my mother did or making some of the same parenting mistakes. I too feel it would be weird to carry a life inside my own body, and I think there are many women who feel that way, even if they don’t talk about it, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re selfish, immature, or “not womanly” for feeling the way you do. Plenty of people choose not to have children. However, it seems that you want to have children, but that fear is standing in the way, creating a different situation.I doubt anyone is ever truly “ready” for a child. If you’re having one (or want to have one) you’ve just got to make the preparations as best you can and hang on for the ride. The best parents are the ones who love their children and are there for them emotionally – not the ones who have the most money or even the most time.I think some of your fears regarding childbirth and caring for a baby are due to the problem of childbirth and aftercare being made into a medical regimen full of absolute rules and regulations that could stress out the most organized (or OCD) woman you can think of, rather than the natural process that it has been for thousands of years. First of all, childbirth is a natural thing that your body is meant to do. Complications are rare, especially if you are taking care of your body (i.e. getting proper nutrition, moderate exercise, and avoiding unhealthy things like cigarattes and alcohol), which also means you’re also taking care of your unborn baby. Many doctors choose not focus on this because they make more money when the process is medicalized. I think it makes sense that your phobia is worse now than it used to be. After all, with any phobia, you avoid what you’re afraid of and build it up in your mind until it becomes a paralyzing fear with an unhealthy dose of guilt, shame, and sense of personal loss mixed in. The best thing you can do to beat a phobia is the hardest thing – confront it, either head on or in steps. You know that your fears about the subject are exaggerated, so now you’ve just got to convince yourself of that.I’d say that enlisting professional help for your phobia is an option and might help with the anxiety, but I’d try a few other things first. Maybe you could start off being a “buddy” for a pregnant friend. Whether that’s accompanying her to doctor’s appts., picking out booties, or doing low-impact workouts together, it might help you put your fears in perspective.
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