What is the phobia of bugs

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Entomophobia is the fear of insects. Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-phobia-of-bugs ]
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What is the name of the phobia afraid of bugs?
I really don’t know actually but if your scared of spiders than your Arachniadphobia thats all i know
How do i get over my phobia of bugs?
Face your fear…. Look up pictures on the internet, and stare until it wont bother you! Alternatively, see a doctor/psychiatrist.
How do I get over a phobia of bugs?
As much as you may not want to, find some harmless ones and touch them is my recommendation.

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What is the name for the phobia of bugs?
Q: What is the phobia name for fear of bugs? I’ve been looking it up everywhere but I cannot find it anywhere! Am I the only person afraid of bugs or what?I found one that was fear of reptiles and creepy crawly things but is there no word for fear of bugs alone?
A: Entomophobia or Insectophobia
How to stop my phobia of bugs?
Q: I’m really scared of millipedes and any other bug really. This is not a normal phobia, cause if effects the way i sleep cause i always think their in my room and I’m really scared. Also i have HUGE phobia of butterflies and dragonflies. I don’t know what to do about it.
A: I’d say to first try to pinpoint what exactly about these 3 insects bothers you? For example if we take millipedes -what bothers you..their speed? Their look? Their color? The fact that it is so UNUSAL to see one in a house? Is there one thing about them that bothers you more than the others? Well, it is first of all not so hard to believe that many houses get visited by little creatures like this..we’re after all in this together, animals, humans, plants..we don’t live in a vacuum so people do normally encounter little insects such as a millipede, from time to time. Everybody does. It’s the element of surprise that’s bothering me..but then again, I should know that it’s something that naturally happens in the world:)You say you always think they are in your room. Why? How could they have gotten there? Is your room dirty? Or dirtier than the average house? Clean it, do something to feel in control of this situation. Clean and wash your room, fill out or seal whatever holes you think might be used by the little insects, perhaps if your parents agree use some of the stuff sold in stores to get rid of that particular pest (but an adult who knows how to use it must be the one using the product, it’s dangerous for health so don’t take it lightly!!!!). Also, identify all possible places an insect might use to come into the room, like open wndows etc..and make sure those windows are closed etc. So in short, don’t just feel powerless, you’re not. Take control and take active steps to ensure your room is clean and there are no ways for bugs to get in. I think you have to also stop and honeslty think how many times you thought there might be bugs there..and how many times were you actually right? Where was the evidece to support your “thinking” or your “feeling” that there might be bugs there? Then after you also make sure the room is clean and there is no lace for a bug to come from, then where is the evidence to still support your feeling/thinking that there might be bugs?
My six year old boy has a phobia of bugs?
Q: He freaks out, we had to stop the car the other day and pull over, is this normal? Any tips on helping him.
A: my brother hates bugs and he’s 14 i am too it’s very normal for any one to hate bugs well look at them their gross the only pretty ones are butter flies, fire flies, praying mantes and that’s it
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