What is the point in fighting

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Fighting has different reasons; protection, civil rights, domination, defense, hate, and sometimes it is even a duty. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-point-in-fighting ]
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yes, you want to be right. with your parents: because they are unreasonable and dont often care what you have to say and you need to be heard. friends: because friends are just like that. there are no smooth relationships in life(:
This clip is in the middle of a chapter. It’s on Disc 2 of the Season 1, Part 2 G.I. Joe DVD set. CLICK HERE FOR THE NETFLIX LINK The episode itself is called “Worlds Without End, Part 1.” The clip itself is from 4:37 to 6:17, when the …
OoC: Character is Derek, and he’s on Kaerion’s side. “Why fight?” I laughed. The old man did not understand that, and he did not share my point of view, so he got mad at me. Humans are so lowly beings, so weak, so unworthy… …

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Is systema more like aikido, i heard it is pressure point fighting?
Q: Is pressure point fighting for real or is it just a fiction. Is arnis like escrima or is it different?
A: Aikido isnt really an aggresive martial art but systema is quite the contrary
Does anyone know a good source for pressure point fighting techniques?
Q: Im trying to find a good website, book, or other source to show me techniques, dangers, and explanations of pressure point fighting. I am writing a report, and I can’t seem to find something anywhere! Thanks for any help.Sorry if this disqualifies some of your answers, but what im really looking for is good source material for a report. This is referring to something like a book, website, journal, etc.. Sorry to be such a pest, but this paper is due soon!
A: Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na by Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. It covers everything you are asking for.The instructors guide has even more information.
What is the point of fighting a war in which we cannot win?
Q: We cannot fight terrorism, we can only kill terrorists, and or provide an environment that, in our minds, won’t foster the development of terrorists or continue teaching a hateful idealogy.Since this is true, what is the point of continueing to help a country which has been liberated and for the most part, set on its feet? Yes I realize that the Iraqi government has been lazy, and hopes cannot come to fruition if they continue having us help them as opposed to them helping themselves. I also realize that leaving would create more hate and foster an imperceptive society. Many believe that leaving is just a precursor to another terrorist attack. So which is the lesser of two evils? Leaving, or keeping troops safe as well as replenishing our funds?
A: Freedom’s oldest enemy : those who wish to rule the world .Did you not hear their warnings ?
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