What is the Spill over effect

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The Spillover effect is the economic impact felt by one parcel of land as a result of changes or modifications of other parcels. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-spill-over-effect ]
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What is Spill over effect?
Spillover effects are externalities of economic activity or processes upon those who are not directly involved in it. Odours from a rendering plant are negative spillover effects upon its neighbours; the beauty of a homeowner’s flower garde…
How has the spill-over effect worked on the gray sole?
The way the closed areas, or the groundfish protection areas, have worked in New England has been this — that we have large, large areas with multiple kinds of sea floor habitats, ecosystems within them, closed. And they’ve been closed for …
Why does it do that and can I get into trouble applying effects t…?
Let me check that I understand the question. Say you have a show that is exactly 30 minutes duration. You select a region that starts at 28 minutes, and extends to 31 minutes. Question 1 – why is that possible when there is nothing after …

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How does oil spill effect plant growth? What website can i use?
Q: I have to do my project b’cause it is due the end of May.
A: Plant growth stops at an oil spill site. I typed oil spill effects on plant life in the web search and come up with dozens of articles on the subject. Help yourself.
Are there Pneumocystis souls? When God breathed a soul into Adam, wouldn’t there have been a spill-over effect?
A: Lol, it took me a second to get that one. If you’re saying what I think you are.
how are the terms ethnic rivalry and spill over effect related to Rwand and Burundi?
A: The terms “Ethnic Rivalry” and “Spill over effects” relate to the cause and the far reaching outcomes of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. (Burundi also had had a similar experience before Rwanda’s genocide)Rwanda is a country with only two tribes – the Hutus and the Tutsi. These tribes were in constant struggle for ruling the country. The thirst for power thus resulted in ethnic rivalry between the two tribe, that culminated in the genocide.The direct effects of the genocide was the murdering of million people (I don’t remember the exact figure, u can search on google). However the effects of the genocide could not be contained within Rwanda borders. Rwandese had to flee their country to save their lives. Most fled to the neighbouring country of Tanzania, thus adding a burden to the already strained social services in the country. Some refugees went as far away as Europe and the US. This is one example of a spill over effect of Rwanda’s genocide.Hope I have shed some light into your queery. Feel free to contact me if more clarification is required.
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