What is the word for fear of Friday the 13th

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The phobia paraskavedekatriaphobia is the term used for fear of Friday the 13th. Triskaidekaphobia is fear of the number 13. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-word-for-fear-of-friday-the-13th ]
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Is there a word which describes the fear of Friday the 13th??
The word you are looking for is triskaidekaphobia. The literal meaning is ‘superstition about the number thirteen’, but it is also used by extension to describe ‘fear of Friday the 13th’.
What is the the fear of Friday the 13th known as?
The fear of Friday the 13th is known as Paraskevidekatriaphobia.

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What is the word used to descride the fear of friday the 13th?. I think it starts with “P”?
Q: Also their is a word that begins with “T” used to descride the fear of the number 13. Can you help me I need it for a science project.
A: paraskevidekatriaphobiaA morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th. Therapist Dr. Donald Dossey, whose specialty is treating people with irrational fears, coined the term. He claims that when you can pronounce the word you are cured.Or friggatriskaidekaphobia or triskaidekaphobia.
irrational fear or phobia?
Q: Does anyone have an irrational fear of anything? If so, what is it? Haha, i dunno why im asking this. just uber bored. XPIt’s so amazing that there are so many phobias out therelike these:Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathingAerophobia- Fear of swallowing airAmbulophobia- Fear of walkingAnablephobia- Fear of looking upAnemophobia- Fear of windAnthrophobia- Fear of flowersArachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.Arithmophobia- Fear of numbersAulophobia- Fear of flutesAuroraphobia- Fear of Northern LightsBarophobia- Fear of gravityBasophobia- Fear of walkingBatophobia- Fear of being close to high buildingsBibliophobia- Fear of booksBlennophobia- Fear of slimeBogyphobia- Fear of the bogeymanCathisophobia- Fear of sittingCatoptrophobia- Fear of mirrorsChaetophobia- Fear of hairChionophobia- Fear of snowChromatophobia- Fear of colorsChronophobia- Fear of timeChronomentrophobia- Fear of clocksCibophobia- Fear of foodClinophobia- Fear of going to bedCnidophobia- Fear of stringDeciophobia- Fear of making decisionsDendrophobia- Fear of treesDextrophobia- Fear of objects at the right side of the bodyDidaskaleinophobia- Fear of schoolEisoptrophobia- Fear of mirrorsEleutherophobia- Fear of freedomEosophobia- Fear of daylightEpistemophobia- Fear of knowledgeErgophobia- Fear of workEreuthophobia- Fear of the color redGeliophobia- Fear of laughterGeniophobia- Fear of chinsGenuphobia- Fear of kneesGeumaphobia- Fear of tasteGnosiophobia- Fear of knowledgeGraphophobia- Fear of writingHeliophobia- Fear of the sunHelmintophobia- Fear of being infested with wormsHemophobia- Fear of bloodHippopotomonstrosesquippedalio phobia- Fear of long wordsHomichlophobia- Fear of fogHypnophobia- Fear of sleepIchthyophobia- Fear of fishIdeophobia- Fear of ideasKainophobia- Fear of anything newKathisophobia- Fear of sitting downLachanophobia- Fear of vegetablesLeukophobia- Fear of the color whiteLevophobia- Fear of objects to the left side of the bodyLinonophobia- Fear of stringLogophobia- Fear of wordsMelanophobia- Fear of the color blackMelophobia- Fear of musicMetrophobia- Fear of poetryMnemophobia- Fear of memoriesMottephobia- Fear of mothsNebulaphobia- Fear of fogNeophobia- Fear of anything newNephophobia- Fear of cloudsNomatophobia- Fear of namesOctophobia- Fear of the number 8Ommetaphobia- Fear of eyesOneirophobia- Fear of dreamsOphthalmophobia- Fear of opening one’s eyesOstraconophobia- Fear of shellfishPanophobia- Fear of everythingPapyrophobia- Fear of paperParaskavedekatriaphobia- Fear of Friday the 13thPeladophobia- Fear of bald peoplePhengophobia- Fear of daylightPhobophobia- Fear of fearPhotophobia- Fear of lightPhronemophobia- Fear of thinkingPogonophobia- Fear of beardsSciophobia- Fear of shadowsScolionophobia- Fear of schoolSelenophobia- Fear of the moonSiderophobia- Fear of starsSitophobia- Fear of foodSophophobia- Fear of learningStasibasiphobia- Fear of walkingThaasophobia- Fear of sittingTrichopathophobia- Fear of hairTriskadekaphobia- Fear of the number 13Verbophobia- Fear of wordsXanthophobia- Fear of the color yellowof course these aren’t all of it. There is A LOT more.. a lot.. I’m just naming some.. well not some.. a lot hahawell i have cacophobia (fear of ugliness) and you definitely scare the hell out of me! HAHA jkjkwell micheleann62, i have cacophobia (fear of ugliness) and you definitely scare the hell out of me! HAHA jkjk
A: Agoraphobia Fear of leaving your house but I don’t have itI have fear of heights and SillyGophobia You scare the hel outa me!!!! LOL
Would anyone ever have the opportunity to use these?
Q: words, Paraskavedekatriaphobia( Greek for “fear of Friday 13th”)and Triskadekaphobia (Greek for “fear of the number 13”) ?
A: The number 13 was always a lucky number. I wont go into details because it is rather boring.Christians wanted to push their religion and part of the plot was to make 13 unlucky. Seems the Greeks took this more seriously than the rest of us. LOL
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