What law states anything that can happen will happen

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Anything that can happen will happen is murphy’s law. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-law-states-anything-that-can-happen-will-happen ]
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What will happen to me under the State Law if I participate in ha…?
Hazing is a crime punishable by both imprisonment and monetary fines. Prison time and the amount of money owed increase depending upon the severity of the harm caused. Specifically, if the violation results in physical injury, you are guilt…

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Anything like this happen in your state?
Q: This past November and December there have been 2 cases of someone being injured or worse due to the fact that the person/s involved didn’t follow Ga’s hunting regulations.. a very simple thing which could have had things turned out completely different. Would you mind reading over the article and telling me if you have heard of cases like that in your state here recently. Also, tell me what you think.http://www.gon.com/article.php?id=1472&cid=84I’m sure some folks will argue that this is a reason to be against hunting, but the idiots involved should NOT have been hunting my opinion. All hunters should not be generalized by the actions/bad decisions of a few people.Have people lost common sense? i.e: not shooting unless you know what your shooting at and knowing what is beyond the general direction of where you’ll be shooting. I’ve seen a few questions which the askers seem to be oblivious of their state laws, which are a simple thing to follow.My point- how are people like that (people who seem to refuse to fallow state/county regulations) allowed to go out into the woods in the first place?Please don’t answer with smart butt/ignorant answers… I’m asking people who hunt and/or shoot..Yep- to get a hunting license here in Ga, you have to pass a hunter safety coursedumdum- I agree, but I think that person was just trying to cover their butt.. a gun doesn’t accitentally go off.. his finger shouldnt have been near the trigger.700 Nitro, good thing you had that coat on… its a shame how stupid some people can be
A: Yes, it happens in my state and every state. It’s just a tragic accident made much worse because it was totally avoidable.Everyone thinks they are invulnerable and will live forever.Basic safety precautions were not followed in either situation by the victims.No hunter orange on in the first case and walking in the woods after dark with out a light in the second case. But even sometimes you can still do all you can and some idiot will create a situation that cause harm to someone. A few years back during deer season a guy was in his tree stand 20 foot in the air on a clear day with his hunter orange and cap on. Someone shot him in the jaw while looking at him with his scoped rifle. He said he was trying to see who it was and the gun went off accidentally. In the cases you cited it was caused by bad judgment on the part of both parties.But in most of these cases it was caused by morons that haven’t got a clue.And there is just no way they can be weeded out.And that’s a shame!
if the 20 year old didn’t do anything to the 16 but the police officer did what will happen to the 20 year old?
Q: sorry to call him a boy i was just saying his gender but anyway the state believes him that he didn’t touch her but the officer did touch her and when they give his discovery back it had no evdience on it saying that he touch her in anyway but they have evdience on the officer and the 20 thought she was 18 and and really that night he found out she was 16 that night so for 2 months before he talk to her he talk to her mother he told her mother how old he was where work at and everything mther did say anything to him about her age or anything and allow her to go with the 20 year old and on top of that the state said they found out she lied three times and that she was laughing when the detective was talking to her asking her question about what happen that night and she run away from home and now her parents said that they can’t control there own daughter but the 20 year old has to testify again the police officer that actually touch her iam trying to see if there any law defence againt that case please help me out
A: Troll question. And not even a good one.
What has happened to the rule of law in the United States?
Q: Has our population outgrown the justice system in our country? Why does it seem that so many people find ways of skirting the law in our nation? From the civil to the criminal courts, it seems that many lawyers are finding procedural loopholes and using guerrilla tactics to suborn the justice system. What if anything can be done to overcome this threat to our society’s fabric?
A: Remember that too much law was why we made this country in the first place. The stronger authority gets, the closer we get to fascism. The few criminals who beat the system are an acceptable risk, given that less leniency can also result in false and unfair incrimination and ultimately a police state. It’s a delicate balance. And as for the lawyers, capitalism dictates that if it’s profitable, it will be done. A sad truth of life is that many of us are bad people, and the freedom to do bad things goes hand in hand with the freedom to do good.
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