What makes a person hallucinate

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LSD will make you hallucinate. It’s made from lysergic acid, derived from ergot fungus, which grows on rye and other grains. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-makes-a-person-hallucinate ]
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Does lack of REM sleep make a person hallucinate?
Yes, a person needs REM, in the ICU at hospitals there is a diagnosis knowen as ICU psycosis. It means that a patient is showing signs of psycosis due to the lack of sleep. This often includes both visual and auditory hallucianations. Once …
What can make a person hallucinate besides the usual?
not sleeping…not dreaming when you sleep (even if you don’t remember the dreams…) a really HIGH fever…a reaction to antibiotics or pain meds

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How are certain drugs able to make a person hallucinate?
A: They are psychotropics…mind altering drugs
Can caffeine make a person hallucinate?
A: Yes. Caffeine is a powerful alkaloid – similar in structure and nature to cyanide and strychnine – and is produced by the coffee plant to fend off insects, as is nicotine produced by tobbaco as an insect repellant. If you lack a certain enzyme to detoxify it, it can accumulate in the brain and tissues causing severe central nervous system issues, like hallucinations. Interestingly enough, coffee was used by the mystical school of Islam, Sufism, as a religous sacrament….it would be drank in the evenings for inspiration before chanting and twirling about.
does a person hallucinate prior to death?
Q: My father is 89 years old. Eight years ago he had a stroke, seven years ago he had triple bypass surgery. Two weeks ago he had what is called a mini-stroke. He was admitted to the hospital and then to a nursing home for therapy. While there he had another mini-stroke. He is back in the hospital. My mother told me tonight that he was hallucinating today. I was just wondering if anyone knows if just prior to death, a person will hallucinate? I don’t want anything to happen to my dad, but need to know if I should be prepared to make a trip in the very near future up to Vermont. Thanks. Also I don’t know what medications the doctors have him on, but my mother seems to think that is causing this problem.
A: I’m sorry that your father is not doing well. My mother-in-law was terminally sick with breast cancer that had spread to her liver. We brought her home to die. She only lived four days after she came home. On the second day home, she began “seeing” and talking about things that were not there. She was seeing her Grandmother who had passed when she was a child. She would suddenly reach up in the air and start laughing, saying “I have not seen you in so long”. She also mentioned a family dog that she had as a child. She continued to talk about seeing her unborn grandchild, as well as other family members. She seemed very happy when she had these “visions”. Towards the evening of her third day home, she fell into a coma. Interestingly, we found that although she was totally unresponsive other than moaning from time to time, she was somehow aware of what was being said in the room. We know this because when her preacher came to pray a few hours before she took her last breath, she suddenly had tears falling from each eye. If your father does fall into a coma, be aware that he most likely will be able to hear you. My Mother-in-law hung several hours longer than expected because she seemed to be waiting for one of her sons to get to her bedside. We kept telling her that he was on his way, even though she was in a coma. Her breathing was labored for a couple of hours before, but she took her last breath within five minutes of his arrival to her bedside. Now, I often wondered if the heavy Morphine caused some of her hallucinations. I don’t really know. I do believe that she was convinced that she was seeing her loved ones, so who am I to doubt. One thing that did alarm me on the third evening was a heavy, raspy moan that came every few minutes throughout the night. I thought that she was in pain. Hospice told me after she passed that it is a “death sound”. If you begin to hear that, the end is near. Another thing that I noticed on two people (including her) that passed was that within a week or two of the passing, they had tiny black mole pop up on their faces. I don’t know if that happens to everyone, but it happened to both of the people that I know of that passed.Anyway, I hope your father passes peacefully and that you and your family can be at peace with knowing that he is no longer suffering. Again, I’m sorry that you and your family are going through this.
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