What makes a person love someone

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Love is an indescribable feeling. However, being nice to someone will help someone to fall in love with you. Thanks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-makes-a-person-love-someone ]
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What makes a person like/love someone?
loving someone and being in love with someone are two completely differnet things. People tend to stay with people when they don’t think they can do any better or its just easier and although they are treated like crap they feel like at lea…
What makes a person love someone with out telling them?
Do you mean why doesn’t someone tell them that they love them? Well if neither person has never said it, they may just be scared that the other person may not feel the same, or that it may be too much, the other person may find it a bit ov…
Can struggle,patience and sincerity make someone fall in love if …?
I’m unclear on what you’re asking. But those are good qualities to have in a relationship. Those things alone won’t make a person fall in love but they do contribute.

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what makes a person love someone with out telling them?
A: dont know
What makes a person fall in love with somebody?
Q: When a person falls in love with somebody, there must be some reason’s for it.Some people fall in love in their first sight and some fall in love later. What makes people feel in these two ways?
A: I think sometime you just meet someone and its not really love at first sight; but, you know whether or not it could turn into something great with this person. I once met someone at a wedding in a foreign country…we spent about 4 days together (no sex) and we kept in touch for about 4 years. It all about chemistry – right. Some people you are instantly attracted to and others you get to know better and they become more beautiful to you because of who they are inside.
What makes a man or woman say they love one person then they meet someone else and love that person?
Q: How can one be in a relationship and profess to love them then go out and find someone else dump the previous girl and fall madly in love with the new one?Angie, I agree. We are all flawed and have issues….some less than others but when you love someone you accept the person flaws and all and there is no way to see someones flaws if you don’t date for a while
A: People aren’t very good at determining love versus infatuation. That is why couples should date for YEARS before considering marriage, and only after they recognize that the person is flawed (but still they love them).
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