What makes girls the happiest

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Fifty-five percent of women said having meals and spending time together as a family made them happiest [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-makes-girls-the-happiest ]
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take her shopping to victoria secret and have her buy a thong or something and then go home and rip off your shirt and have her on change into her new sex outfit and just lay on her and have some real sex. Make a baby. Hope you know what I …
・ 1. A good sence of humor that will keep her smiling so she can feel happy. ・ 2. Compliments so that she will feel special when she is speaking with you. ・ 3. Showing that your a good friend and will be there no matter what so that she wil…
No girl will ever be truly happy because no man will ever have a penis made of chocolate… that ejaculates money. Only kidding.

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What makes girls happy? what can make then happy?
Q: everything cannot make a girls happy as they are special tell something that makes a girl happy
A: I’m a boy, yet I want to answer this question. There are a lot of things that every girl appreciates and loves. Keep on doing something romantic for your girl once in a while like writing a poem, singing a song(It doesn’t matter how good or bad you’re at it..It’s just the emotions that you put in is what counts). Give her your love, attention. Make her feel that she is the most beautiful person you’ve ever met. Don’t be too desperate in a relationship or overly possessive. Remember, you can win her with love. And if she is yours, set her free. She wouldn’t leave you. Let her realize how good you’re as a person. Remember, there’s no I, you, me in a relationship. It’s always about We, Us and Ours! Above all, just be yourself,don’t show off. It’s the feelings that you have for a girl is what would make her feel really special. When you understand these things, she would be the luckiest person to have you.
What makes you girls (Ladies) happiest?
Q: What would you want your boyfriend (Husband) to do that would make you happiest?
A: show me he loves me, help around the house with chores, spoil me rotten
hey girls what kind of guy makes you happy?
Q: sorry ive asked a lot of sappy questions but i really like this girl and i need to know what makes girls happy.I’m funny,sensitive,smart,and like to make people smile and laugh am i any good.
A: one that makes me happy and laugh
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