What should i do with my life if nothing makes me happy

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Is it bad that nothing in life seems to make me happy??
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What do you when nothing in life makes you happy anymore?
Q: You (me) have a job, a place to live, a car but nothing makes you happy besides taking a little pill for depression and anxiety that lifts your mood just a little bit and very temporarily. How can I find maybe even just a little joy in life, and I don’t mean making money or anything like that. I just want to wake up everyday and feel fresh and just happy to be breathing and living and learn to appreciate life.
A: Happiness comes from within you. A job, a place to live and a car are necessities in life but they don’t make us who we are. People (especially in America) are so focused on things and acquiring more things and having “everything” that they lose focus on themselves. It’s a good step that you are asking yourself what will make you happy. I have started this process not too long ago. I saw “The Secret” DVD, if you haven’t watched it yet I highly recommend it (included the link below to their website).I have learned that happiness is a choice. An anti-depressant can be good if someone is clinically depressed (I used to work in social services so I have seen a lot). But it’s not going to fix you internally, in your soul, where it counts. Here are some things I have been doing in my own quest for happiness:1. APPRECIATE THINGS – This is talked much about in The Secret and really, the Secret is not a secret at all. It’s a way of life that has been written about for thousands of years. This is just the modern version. You said you want to appreciate life. Then you have to start really paying attention. If you see a beautiful sunrise, say so. Think about how it makes you feel. Or appreciate the warm weather because you know it means you can be outside after work. Whatever. It can be the tiniest thing, but just starting to get in the HABIT of appreciating will make it easier to do.2. PRAY – I can’t stress this enough. To whatever higher power you believe in, spend time in prayer. Count your blessings in prayer. 3. LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE – This is really hard, because I have a tendency to be a raging pessimist. I am currently reading “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. Excellent book and again, nothing that we haven’t heard before, but it’s presented in such a way that you don’t want to stop reading. The more you think positively, that’s what you get back. (Reap what you sow, etc). If all you’re thinking about is how life sucks (not saying you are, just an example) then life will suck!4. DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE – If you hate your job, ask God (or your higher power) to guide you to where you need to be in order to find happiness. Or if you have an idea already, ask for that. Focus on what you want to do. Picture yourself already doing it. Get in touch with how doing what you love makes you feel. Ask for the right people to come into your life. The whole notion of “show me a sign” isn’t that off – you just have to pay attention and look for it. Or if your job is okay, then spend more time on a hobby or other interest that you love. Make time for it. There should always be time in your day to do something just for you. It’s rejuvenating and it allows you more positive energy to give out to others. 5. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY – Exercise, eat right, get sleep. Three simple things doctors beat into our heads constantly. But it’s true. Self worth shouldn’t be directly related to our physical appearance, but for most it’s hard to separate the two. Exercise also releases endorphins which naturally elevate your mood. Meditate. I use iTunes podcasts, which are free and just download them onto my iPod. Almost every night I listen to a meditation podcast or just a musical meditation before bed. Calms me down, helps me relax and focus.6. TAKE TIME FOR OTHERS – Even if it’s something small. Don’t be in such a rush – hold the door for someone, or chat up someone in line at the checkout counter. It makes the time go by faster and you might even make someone’s day. Smile at people. Don’t pretend you are the only one on the sidewalk. It’s amazing how these tiny interactions make YOU feel, but at the same time you could be making someone else feel good, too. These are just some ideas. You may have to play around to find what works for you. But I highly recommend you do some research into books on positive thinking and the like. We live in a very difficult world, but we do have the power to control how we react to it. Good luck to you!
How can i enjoy life when nothing makes me happy and getting up is a chore?
A: ZEEZEE,, Realize this,, in this world,,no one will ever be truly happy..Sounds negative doesn’t? Its not meant to be,,just factual..Everyone is searching for happiness,,when what they SHOULD be searching for is contentment..The way we achieve that is to start out by picking something or some person whom we like to be with or a thing we think we would like to try,,and try it or do something with that person..And from that point,,move on to another thing..Granted,,we may not enjoy ANY of the first things we try,,but the key is we must try SOMETHING ! No one or one thing is going to present itself to us for us to enjoy..Its all up to US !! Period..What you have to decide is do you wish to continue as you are,,and feel as you do now,,or would you like to change you life,,and how you look at it..Because that’s really what its all about..You, and how you Perceive YOU!! Life is like ”SOUP”, you only get out of it what you put into it !! I should hope eventually you would look forward to the next day BECAUSE of not knowing what wonderful things you may encounter !! But that takes time,,and a learning process which must be developed..You will feel as you do until your willing to throw yourself into life and try for contentment..If your willing to try,,you can’t lose..Because along the way of life,,you WILL find contentment !! SOLOMON
I am so tired from family life routine, nothing makes me happy, what to do?
A: Try changing up your routine. Do things in a different order and try new things. Take a weekend break if you need to and just relax. A nice romantic night with hubby is always nice, so book a hotel for a night and hire a baby sitter. Add a nice dinner and some lingerie to the mix and it will make you feel like a goddess instead of just mom.
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