What should you do if you think you are depressed

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If you think your depressed try calling the depression hotline at 630-482-9696 or contact your doctor. There is help out there. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-you-do-if-you-think-you-are-depressed ]
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What do you do if you think your depressed?
It seems likely: Ask yourself: “Why do I feel depressed, and when did I first start to feel this way: can I associate this with any recent change in my life?” (if so, it is probably reactive [situational] depression: counselling, …
I think about death everyday. Am I depressed?
Thoughts of death are normal, but obsessing over it does seem unhealthy. I would maybe write down what you are thinking… in terms of what leads you to those thoughts or talk with a counselor. Although, other people find it strange, maybe …
Why do I feel depressed when I think of my girlfriend??
is she dead? did you break up with her or vice versa? best thing to do is to replace old love with new love.. the only true medicine for depression

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Why when you are depressed you lose consentration?
Q: why so for this?Thanks for your answers!
A: Depends how you look at it. I may lose concentration on what I should be doing, but I can spend ages concentrating on why I’m depressed. I also tend to write more when depressed (which takes concentration).
Do you think that I cry too much?
Q: I cry alot and sometimes over really stupid things like if I don’t get something on my homework. Sometimes it just feels good. Sometimes I will cry right before I go to sleep too. I don’t think I’m depressed but I just cry alot!
A: Welcome to puberty, please fasten your seat belt as it will be a bumpy ride.
My Boyfriend and I Broke Up and I Feel Depressed. What Should I Do?
Q: My boyfriend is a very shy person around me, and he never ever talks to me in school. I feel hurt because even if I pass him by, the MOST he would do is smile. Sometimes he doesn’t even smile at me, and he doesn’t look at me and stuff, and it just hurts. But when we get back from school, he starts texting me sweet stuff, etc.What’s the point of being in a relationship with someone who treats you like a COMPLETE stranger in person? Thing is, everyone in school knows. So what’s to hide?I’ve been talking to him about this and he keeps making up excuses, like his friends were there, or because I’m far away, etc. I texted him that I don’t see the point of us being together anymore if it continues on. He replied saying that maybe we shouldn’t be together anymore, because he thinks it’s better for me but he still loves me, just that he thinks it’s better for me, and agrees on breaking up.Now I feel extremely depressed, because there’s no one I could talk to and stuff. But then I remember the times when I walk by him and he seems like a stranger to me, and I think that maybe it’s better if we break up.I don’t know what I should do, or when I feel happier – being together with him, or not. We were together for 7 months and he still wouldn’t talk to me in person. I really don’t know why. His friends told me because he’s really really shy around me, but I just don’t know.Scary part is that he’s extremely good-looking. And I’m scared he would move on and get a much much prettier girl.What should I do? 🙁
A: guys have problems with rejection… if he is shy around you, it means he doesnt know what to do or say, its not you, its him. if u want to do something or talk, start the conversation.if you are no longer ‘together’ be friends with him still. it helps the healing process. if u want him so bad try hanging out as friends. u went out for a while, u should know his favorite candy or food, sit down next to him and offer him some, or half or whatever, as long as u have ‘extra’ he should accept.what did u break up for? the reason i mean? does it look like he misses ur company? u say he smiles at u, do u smile back? did he hurt u in the break up and now is unsure?there are many things you can do, its just a matter of not over reacting.send me a message if u have any more questions or want advice
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