What would you do if you were surrounded by dragons

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I would calmly walk out of the circle and then run away as fast as I could. I might step on a couple on my way out. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-you-do-if-you-were-surrounded-by-dragons ]
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What kind of controversy surrounded Nessie the Dragon??
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What kind of controversy surrounded Max Havoc: Curse of the Drago…?
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Are dinosaurs like dragons or are dragons like dinosaurs?
Q: As far as I am aware Dinosaurs were discovered in the 1850s and have been extinct some 65,000,000 years. Fairytales and other folklore surrounding dragons have been around much earlier than the 1850’s. I cant help but notice how alike dragons and Dinosaurs are.Is this just a coincidence? orIn more recent years perhaps dinosaurs have been used to illustrate dragons.or maybe they have survived in more recent history than we are aware.What do you think?
A: Throughout the world there are the fossils of saurians. The word saurian is actually taken from the Early Greek “sauros” which translates to both Lizard and dinosaur. The earliest of reported and written word of Dragons to come outside of oral mythic tales came when fossilized Dinosaur bones and skulls found in the wilderness of Yin China. The dinosaur fossils were sold to apothecaries as “Dragon-bones” approximately 2500 years B.C.E. The fossils were written about as Dragons by scholars and images were painted by artists using the bones as models. Large curved Fangs, multiple horns, and claws were added to earlier images.
I have an simple plain ankh tattoo what would be good additions to make it interesting?
Q: Its is a simple ankh design black and white and it does look imcomplete on my upper arm/shoulder. I would like maybe some gothic flower designs surrounding it? I really like dragons, stars, lions, flowers…well pretty much open to anything!!!
A: The ankh tat means key of life key of the Nile. Egyptian godsare portrayed carry one in each hand. Study what you now have,Add to your tat with the meaning style and theme that you started.Dragons lions and bears oh my are not Egyptian themes. Read about the history befor youink !!!!!!
Would it be okay to feed my bearded dragon canned crickets?
Q: Seven lakes surround my town, so fishing is kind of big this time of the year, thus causing a shortage of crickets at all my local pet stores. None of the three local pet stores have any live feeder insects the rest of the week.Would it be okay to feed my bearded dragon canned crickets for a while?Would I have to dust off canned crickets?
A: Yes, both freeze dried and canned crickets are fine. If you are going to feed refrigerated crickets then your gonna want to take out the can of crickets from the fridge, 1 or 2 hours before feeding. And yes you still need to dust your crickets with vitamins/calcium.
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