When do Babies learn to Talk

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Babies learn to talk at different times, but the average age for first words is about 12 months. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-babies-learn-to-talk ]
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When Do Babies Learn To Talk?
It varies. It depends on their personal background, i.e. Parental skills & activities with them, interactions around others, too many variables to name. Basically, when they are ready.
How babies learn to talk
Parents often wonder where their child is on the learning curve. Rest assured that the timeline for learning to talk varies tremendously. Some babies can say a few words at 12 months, but others don’t talk until they’re 18 months old — and…
When can a baby talk?
Fluently I would say closer to three. My son can say three words per sentence at most and he will be two this tuesday. If your saying fluently then I would make your character three. No younger.

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Q: I have a 6 year old cousin who’s curious about how babies learn to talk or speak..she knows that parents teach the babies but she doesn’t know HOW the babies understand , then all of a sudden they learn it and use it in a proper way..i can’t explain it to her so does anyone know how?Please answer a.s.a.p, she’s sitting next to me waiting..!
A: Tell her that when a mommy or daddy says a word or words over and over again the baby sees and hears those words and in their brain they copy them and the words try to come out. And when the baby says the word the mommy or daddy tells them yea that is right they can understand to say that word over again. Good luck with her my daughter is 6 and she is VERY Curious!
Does tickeling babies cause them to studder when they do learn to talk?
Q: My youngest niece is 3, and she studders when she talks sometimes. I have heard people say that tickeling a baby will cause them to studder when they get older. I tickeled my niece when she was a baby, and now she studders. I aslo tickeled my nephew and other niece when they where babies, but they dont studder. Is it just a myth, or is it my fault that my niece studders? What really causes studdering?
A: Tickling does NOT cause stuttering. See the following excerpt from www.webmd.comStuttering is a communication problem in which spoken words or sounds are involuntarily repeated, drawn out, not completed, or skipped. Stuttering results when the brain is unable to transmit messages properly. The exact cause of this failure is unknown, although genetics most likely play a role in some people. About 60% of people who stutter have other family members with the disorder.1 Environmental factors, such as a stressful environment, or biological influences, such as a developmental delay, may trigger stuttering, especially in people who have inherited the tendency to develop the disorder. In rare cases, stuttering develops as a result of brain damage, such as following a traumatic head injury or stroke.
at what age cocatail babies learn to whisle talk or hand tamed?
Q: i m going to buy a cocatail baby tell me at what age should cocatail babies learn to whistle and talk and hand tamed
A: Have the pet store clip your birds wings before you bring him home and watch them so you know how to do it. Then keep his wings clipped at all times. This will make it much easier to train him and keep him from flying into windows, wall, mirrors and ceiling fans, and possibly from accidentally flying out the door. Many birds die of serious injury from flying around in the house. When you get your bird home, let him stay in his cage for about a week and get used to his new surroundings. Don’t try to get him out of the cage. Just stand there and softly talk to him. Hand feed him a treat now and then if he will let you. After a week, you can start to hand tame him. How soon he learns to talk all depends on how much time you are willing to spend teaching him. When you are trying to teach him to talk, hold him on your finger, or stand in front of his cage, making sure you have his attention. Keep repeating the words or words you want him to learn. Keep the sessions short, because birds have a very short attention span, only about 10 minutes. Work with him several times a day. Make sure your bird gets at least 9 hours of quiet, undisturbed sleep each night in a darkened room (small night light is ok) with his cage covered. This is essential for his good health and good behavior. You can put him in a spare room or any place where he will not hear the tv or people talking. Many people buy a smaller “sleeping” cage for their birds and just keep it in a spare bedroom or some place like that. Have fun with your new friend !! Please read my profile.
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