Where do I find happiness

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Focus on the present, not yesterday or tomorrow. Yesterday is a memory and you cannot change it. Best of luck! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-do-i-find-happiness ]
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I find happiness in the little things. We always seem to overlook the little things that bring us the biggest joy in our lives.
I think following your mind will never lead you to happiness may be it will lead you to some materialistic pleasures but the real happiness is obtained when you follow your heart.. You can have many examples we come across many situations w…
Do you move through life feeling everyday is the same? Like some repeated pattern that goes on and on? For some people, there’s nothing new to do under the sun, and nowhere to go. Everything is just boring, boring, boring. They work so ha…

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A: The phone in your house 🙂
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