Where does happiness come from

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Happiness come from many things. Other people caring about you is a big source of happiness. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-does-happiness-come-from ]
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Happiness is being able to overlook the negative things that come your way. Those people who look naturally cheerful…they have horrible things happen to them, too, they just know how to look at these bad things in positive ways. To them, …
It seems to me that happiness, though it might not seem this way, is a natural state of being, or as Aristotle said, “an active, engaged realization of their innate capacities.” If the state of happiness is an innate state of bein…
Current brain and behavioral research strongly suggests that happiness is 50% a result of our genetics. In other words, the bio-chemical make-up in our brain predisposes us to happiness or unhappiness. Until a few years ago there wasn’t muc…

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What is happiness, where does it come from and how do we achieve happiness?
Q: I am doing a research paper on happiness and I need people’s input on:1. What happiness is? 2. Where does happiness come from?3. Is happiness always with you or does it come and go?4. How do you obtain happiness?Thank you for answering these questions. If you have any questions please e-mail me.
A: 1. What happiness is?Accepting everything as it is.2. Where does happiness come from?It comes from seeing things clearly without judgment.3. Is happiness always with you or does it come and go?The potential for happiness is always there, but sometimes I get caught up in my fears. 4. How do you obtain happiness?I like to exercise and listen to music and look at art.I like to be around good people.I try to recognize my thoughts and feelings and be aware of them and my judgments. I try to see things clearly and take action on the things I can change, but try to accept the things I cannot change.For example: Sometimes when I’m walking I am aware that I feel disturbed. I will say to myself, “I’m aware that I feel disturbed” and this allows me to see my disturbance and yet I’m also, at the same time, aware that I am grateful for many things in my life and not just wrapped up in my feeling of disturbance. The problem happens when I say to myself, “I SHOULDN’T FEEL disturbed”. If I feel disturbed AND I feel I should feel great, now I have TWO problems.
Where does happiness truly come from?
Q: sometimes if feels that happiness is forced by materialistic things, but where does true happiness come from?
A: Do not confuse happiness with either Materialistic things or Contentment. Its also not the ultimate goal of life as it might seem to be. Do not take enlightenment as happiness, because when that will happen you might not agree with the whole notion of being happy. Happiness or being happy is an emotional phase which can not last forever. It is a part of a spectrum of human emotions that you feel. people define their own measures of being happy. for some it might be all the materialistic things that you can think of, and for others it might be on a spiritual level. However, it is one of the biggest driving force in human life. It is a sort of bench mark that you have in your mind regarding anything that concerns you the most. But the idea that it is only a phase can upset you a lot. people who are spiritually driven can also take it as the ultimate goal of life. so when you know that it is not going to stay forever, you can get disoriented. May be true happiness exist in everyday life in small packets of emotions and feeling and we overlook or ignore it in search of a complete state of happiness. If we can rather start excepting happiness as it comes to us and put our mind and spirit to search the ultimate goal then our life can be completely different.But this of course, is the hardest thing to do… find yourself and your purpose.
Where does your happiness come from?
Q: Ask yourself honestly. Does yours come from external things (friends, a new happening in your life, from being busy) or internally (you’re happy being alone and are able to deal with life problems effectively)?MY ANSWER:I think I’ve gotten used to the things that were around me so much that now I struggle to be happy without some sort of external stimulus. The last few months have been tough trying to switch gears from that to finding internal happiness.
A: For me it is a balance of the internal and the external. My happiness comes from a job well done, a moonlit night, learning something new, listening to a heart-rending piece of music. Happiness, is slowing down and truly focusing on all that goes on around me (external), yet it is also the glow of pride in accomplishing something I felt I could not do (internal).Emotions are funny things. They really are like water. Get a whole bunch of people together, as at a party, and it is like standing in a heavy rain and getting soaked. Have one person read a good book on a sunny day, and it is like diving into a calm lake. You will get just as wet, simply in a different way. But for me, the best is when it rains on the lake.
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