Why am I so sad and lonely

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You might be slightly depressed. It might be a good idea to get diagnosed. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-am-i-so-sad-and-lonely ]
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Why do I feel so sad and Lonely?
Sounds like you have taken on the role as sole caretaker. You take care of your boyfriend, baby and take care of people at work. You need to be on the receiving end of caretaking once in a while. Find a way to create balance in your life. L…
Argh I’m so sad and bored and lonely… is there anything I can d…?
Join the club! Most of the things you wrote is like oh “snap”. “Virtually none of my friends at uni have messaged me and when I message them I just get perfunctory replies. Yet I see on the homepage they’re all talking to eac…
Why do i always feel so sad and lonely?
ow hunny i’m so sorry you feel that way but you are so not alone trust me! i know exactly how you feel. you know ur feeling crap but you can’t do a thing to snap out of it… but let me tell you, you seem like a really lovely lad and i prom…

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Why am I so sad, lonely and depressed all the time?
Q: I have a really complicated life which has been complicated even b4 I was born! Plz can u help me
A: you just need a hug and someone to tell you that there are they for you. im hear for you and people can always get better. hang in there. practice coping skills. smile happiness isnt that far away
Why do people feel sad and lonely at night?
Q: Why is it at night that people feel sad and lonely? Like if that person doesnt have a girlfriend or boyfriend why do they feel lonely at night why not during the day?How can someone get over this family?
A: Darkness. We despair without light. That’s why things always look better in the morning. Sunrise is a known physical metaphor for new beginnings and has helped our monkey brains to ascertain hope and use words to describe the emotion once it evolved. Also at night, no matter who you are with, or shagging, or even if on your own, you are ultimately on your own just before you sleep. It is like sitting on a toilet, you realise that ultimately you are me, myself and I, whereas the day means you might be able to interract with someone and their agenda, regardless of the circumstance. Night, sleep etc, reminds the soul of it’s lonliness and isolation. Probably as amoeba, we as organisms craved the light to evolve. Bigger picture is why so many people run to the sun on foreign holiday, even if they aren’t able for the temp., but invariably feel better for doing it in their memory, even if the holiday was dreadful. Light is day and day is life and life is day and light, in all world religions, is homaged as magic.
Q: I HATE being single why i don’t get itam i the only one what should i do to feel better and forget the pastof my ex
A: Human needs to be in social, that is his/her natural personality, No ones can change it, Never ever, Human needs to be in a group, For communication, Even that group has only one member which is your wife or even your girlfriend. That doesn’t matter. So that is general problem for us. When you are alone, Your personality and your natural feeling tells you that you need to be with someone, For sharing emotion, Kindness and other things.So dont be alone, and get someone. mateI hope I could Help you.See ya
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