Why am I so sad right now

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God loves you! He loves you so much that He knows the # of hairs on you head. Talk to Him, read His love letter to you the Bible. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-am-i-so-sad-right-now ]
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Is it normal to be so insecure and sad right now?
I think the way you are feeling is perfectly normal. Firstly, if the box of pictures and journals upsets you that bad, then talk to your fiancee about it. You don’t have to tell him that you read it, but just tell him that you found it in t…
I’m so sad right now.. just feel tired.. what do you think should…?
Please go talk to your doctor or a school counselor i know it seems like it will never get better but i promise it will. go to church and find out how much God loves you. God forgives all sins. I love you things will get better go talk to y…
How can I not be so sad right now? What can I do to make it stop??
Poor dearest, don’t feel alone! 🙂 When I’m down, I do one, or two, of three things:・ 1) I write, or rather I type. I whip out the notepad program, and I write a poem, write a story, write … ・ 2) I listen to calming music, or angry/depres…

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Why am I so sad right now if this is what needs to be?
Q: I divorced my second husband this past May after what was relatively a brief, yet very stressful marriage. He constantly accused me of affairs that simply never existed. Accused me of online affairs, etc. If I went somewhere with my kids without him, the accusations flew. He was nasty, disrespectful and downright cruel to me and my kids. My employers had stated to me that he was not allowed at my office and was not liked whatsoever due to how he treated me. He even went so far as to call my fellow employees and try to spread rumors about me that were not very nice. Finally, early this week, I sent a note to his attorney requesting that he not come anywhere near me whether it be at work, home or church. The stress he has caused in my life is unbelievable. Yes, no one in their right mind would want a person like this in their life, yet I am pretty sad right now. The man I fell in love with is not the man I was married to. I think my tears and sadness are due to morning that long lost friend I first met. Do I want him in my life? Absolutely not. So why am I so sad then?
A: Everyone is sad at the end of a relationship, no matter how badly or amicably it ended. It will pass after some time. You will realize you are better off and made the right choice. Good for you 😉
why am i sad right now?
Q: this girl i am INLOVE with is so sad cuz she is having really bad troubles with her boyfriend since he did harsh things to her..i just want to make her really happy :] and in one of her post she said she cried over this whole stupid situation. after i heard this i got all of the sudden sad and i mean really really sad. like depressed. as almost if we switched emotions. i hope so.. that means she would be soo happy now. i dont care if i am sad as long as she is happy. can any one explain why i am sad or have any similar stories about relating to this?
A: Hi well maybe ur just emotionally attached to this girl and feel that by feeling this way u might be able to end up with her….Sadly it doesn’t work this way unless she is aware of ur compassion to her situation and maybe u should be offering a shoulder of support if she wants to speak about it OK?Best tho keep out of it otherwise u will become the whipping boy if u get my drift YES ♥
why am I feeling sad right now?
Q: OK. I am feeling depressed because I am having bad thoughts about hurting myself. I think one reason is I can’t stop thinking about Star Wars episode 3 and the bad stuff that happen to Anakin. So should I go call my mom? Because I am feeling very sad right now and I am about to end my life because I have mental problems. I can’t stop thinking about killing myself and this is going on for 5 years. I do need help with my problems in life. So can anyone give me a help-line’s number so I can go call them? Do I need to go to a hospital? I have been into one for 5 times and it didn’t help me. I am about to kill my stupid self!!!! should I email my mom about this bad feeling? I mean it about hurting myself and I am not joking and I will kill myself right now!!!! : ( Please send me an email to help me calm down and please don’t make fun of me because I am crying right now because I am wanting to hurt myself.
A: dun end ur life, blif me. life is soo beautiful and i never had enuf traveling and shopping! there are times tat i feel depressed and sad too… but i gt over it! frenz are reli important. i would reli love to be ur fren, reli love to. i can giv a thousand and thousand of reasons for u to live, for u to love, for u to make frenz with me! so pls be my fren! my AIM is pineZapple and my msn is [email protected] can oso email me on yahoo. [email protected] let’s make frenz:)
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