Why am I so self concious

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My crystal ball says: You are self-conscious because you are not comfortable in your own skin! ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-am-i-so-self-concious ]
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Why am I so self-concious?
As an artist you are attuned, and have a keen eye for detail. This is one area of your mental function which relates to why you are self-conscious. If you continue to draw, it will take away from your self-anxiety. Its basically therapy. Yo…
How to stop being so self-concious?
You have to be comfortable with yourself before you have a guy friend who is physically involved with you. Either tell him to stop, or if he wants his hands all over you then that means he isn’t judging you for your body so you have nothing…
Why is everyone so self concious?
i can’t answer why they are so self conscious. in fact, it’s one of those things that no one can explain fully. sometimes, it’s their personality, childhood, or maybe someone that day insulted them and they felt the need to get approval fro…

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Why am i so self concious in public?
Q: every time i see a girl that looks like she’s too cool for me (im straight) or a hot guy i tend to be self conciousi want to look good in front of them and its annoyinghow can i stop it??y do i do this… i dont even know the people i get self conciouus around?
A: before u go out u make sure that u look hot(whatever you define as hot)it’s also how you carry yourself:self-confidence w/ a dash of attitude is good
Why am i more self concious of myself now than when i was like 12?
Q: I feel wayyy more self concious about myself now(im 15) than when i wasent a teenager
A: People around you have caused you to question your self image and possibly you are using examples of women who are “too perfect” to compare yourself to.
why am I so self concious?
Q: I’m self concious about everything from how I look to everything. Even this horrible sentence.I’m so self concious that I don’t even like to eat in front of people or wear like sandals, shorts, capris, and tank tops.Why is this?
A: You could grow out of some of your self-consciousness. I used to not like to wear shorts, tank tops, etc in the summer when I was younger (in HS.) But in college, and as you start to get a little older, you start to become more comfortable with who you are and you allow yourself to live a little more freely. I am not sure how old you are, but there is always room to change.You just have to not care anymore, about what people will think. Start small. Wear shorts on a hot day. What’s going to happen if you do? Nobody will notice, as it is a norm. You can get a way with alot in this society, LOL. And you will feel relieved. You have to say “I love me” and then treat yourself right. You can do anything you want to do and you are just as deserving.You might want to try exercising- if you have not. When I had a regular workout in college, I felt my greatest! I felt strong, happy, good about my insides and out, etc. Give it a try.
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