Why are emotions important

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Emotions are important to humans because they give us information, assist in making good decisions, help in communication, More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-emotions-important ]
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Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important?
Compelling research shows that IQ and technical skill combined are no longer sufficient to succeed in today’s customer–focused, team-centered, and ever-changing organizational climate. Leaders and their organizations also need emotional…
Are emotions important?
Many have grown tired of all the Christian self help books that promise to “set you free” but have left you unchanged. You’re ashamed to admit that you are no better after consuming so many books, tapes and seminars. You feel guil…
Why Emotions Are Important
Emotions prioritize reasons directing behavior (people feel emotions within 10-20 milliseconds and think consciously about what they experience almost 500 milliseconds later). The Brain Surgery tools are designed so that emotions reveal thi…

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Why are human emotions important?
Q: Are emotions important or are they not, and why? This question might sound easy, but I think every person has a very unique answer. Thanks for your perspective ahead of time!Also, (you might already know this) did you know that humans are the only living things we know of that can really laugh?
A: I am sure when God created us He gave them to us for a reason. I have always believed that laughter was good for your health, mentally and physically. I love to laugh. That is one of my favorite parts of R&S. There are a lot of funny people on here. I would rather watch comedy on TV than almost anything else. I think fear is the most destructive emotion (that and worry) but I guess God can even use that for good at times, to warn us of danger or something. Anger is dangerous, in my opinion, though if suppressed can get even worse. I don’t know what you were looking for with this question exactly but I tried to answer it thoughtfully as possible.
Why are emotions important?
Q: why is it important that we all have emotions?
A: They express immediate valuations of events that factor in the totality of experience one had had. They both convey information and help in the ultimate valuation of all things and events.
Why is looking after your feelings and emotions is as important as taking care of your body?
Q: I’m supposed to write an essay about this. I would appreciate experiences & examples. Thank you.
A: Sorry I don’t have much time so I can’t go into very much detail but one point I had wass that when you are very depressed, you may self harm, and this is an example of mental imbalance takinga physical toll on your body. I’d research other physical effects that occur when you are angry, stressed etc – we know that mental stress puts pressure on the heart. Perhaps there are other things like this?Also, because the mind, the being, the self, is the overral controlling system in the body, its health should be paramount. You can have the fittest body in the world but if you’re depressed, you can’t make good use of.Sorry to be so rushed I hope I helped.
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