Why are girls more jealous than boys

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Research has shown that girls tend to expect more kindness, loyalty, commitment and empathy from friends than boys do. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-girls-more-jealous-than-boys ]
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Why Are Girls So Jealous Of Each Other Than Boys??
If you know a girl, you should know by default every girl is going to be jealous of every other girl, even if she is her own sister. Reason being girls are born like that and they do not want any one else to be liked more than them. It is a…

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Why girls are more jealous than boys?
Q: When it comes to attracting guys or clothing and even regarding career.I worked really hard for what i had.No support.Work full time and student full time.Few friends i have see that i’m pretty and i attract a lot of men for some reason but i choose to put myself first.The say ” You think you’re better than us because you have good grades and guys like you because you’re pretty” Like i should be ashamed of that.
A: lets seeeee….girls pms/ bleed every month/ estrogen drives up jealousy/ ummmm couple of things top of my head.
why do girls are more jealous than boys?
A: Girls are more sensitive….
Y do girls get more jealous than boys do?!?
Q: i’ve noticed that there r way more girlz hatin than boyz…y r we like dat
A: gurl I like to know the same thing. Boys don’t really care. They’ll find a new chick but it goes to more to the girls heart then it will the men. Not that it won’t go to the heart of the men but girls just are like that. If they can’t have a guy and someone else has them there mad talk about you and all. Guys let it roll off there chest and dont be on it. Oh especially if a girl like a guy and he taken and the girl prettier then her. Thats really trouble
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