Why are men so grumpy

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Men can be grumpy because they are tired, stressed, unhappy, or maybe hurt or angry. Call 1-800-2ChaCha unlimited. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-men-so-grumpy ]
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Why are men so grumpy when they are tired?
The best thing to do when they get grumpy is to walk away I have found they get grumpy when tired, sick, sore or generally anything that makes them uncomfortable. Its a male thing although they don’t get periods they still get the hormones …
Why are older men so grumpy?
You’re retired, you don’t feel as needed or as important as you once did. You love your grandkids but their energy and playful yelling gets on your nerves after a while. You’ve heard every complaint your wife has dozens of times over the ye…
Why do Republicans have so many Grumpy Old Greedy Men ??
Actually, Ron Paul wasn’t allowed to speak at RNC because he wouldn’t endorse McCain. He was only allowed to attend with a chaperone and no staff at all (and then only because as a sitting congressman he had an automatic ticket.) So he had …

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Why most of the men and women are grumpy when the wake up in the morning?
Q: It is true that most men and women when they wake up in the morning they are usually grumpy. Why is this? what is the reason behind this?
A: This is partly low blood sugars. Apart from this due to stress a lot of tension gets stuck between the jaws. You should relax this jaws before going to bed. When you go to bed you should be relaxed and go in a good mood with affirmations that you are happy. Majority of them don’t do it and not willing to change. Try this mantra
why are men so grumpy when they are tired?
Q: my husband got so grumpy today and started an argument over nothing. he kept telling me hes just really tired. so we laid down with eachother and everything i try to say makes him mad. is it best to just let guys be when they get that tired?
A: yep let them be lol.. i know how you feel my hubby sometimes gets the same.. but hey we all have our bad days
Why did McCain/Palin supporters get so angry when I noted that so many of them are frustrated, grumpy old men?
Q: Hey, I’m an old guy myself (but I’m not frustrated or grumpy!) I posted a question just to see if others had noticed, as I have, that the people who support McCain/Palin, as evidenced by the crowd at the Republican National Convention and at McCain/Palin rallies, and their supporters on Fox News, CNN, and elsewhere, are primarily grumpy, old, and frustrated. Just an observation people, nothing to get so ruffled about!
A: Either that or women who have no clue about the serious issues and are basing their support on someone’s questionable Christian beliefs. I am an old woman who is horrified that anyone would support either of these idiots with their lies and distortions. Their supporters are just as bad, every time they answer its all name calling and rumors, no facts and NO common sense.
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