Why are people curious by nature

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I think humans are curious because they want to see, hear, do, and know everything possible while they are alive. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-people-curious-by-nature ]
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Why are people curious by nature?
Q: you always find people stopping in the street to see anything out of the ordinary, risking geting late, to stop and ask a total stranger what is going on etc WHY?
A: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ NOSINESS ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
How do you say “curious by nature” in latin? This is for a tattoo so i need to be certain.?
A: Do not tattoo.It is difficult to translate. The first answer you have received is wrong. I am a Latin teacher and I have to think about it. It is not easy.I searched and searched to be sure: it has to be very short like in Latin: you need an ablative of place from (natura) and just a feminine adjective that means curious. I was not sure about “curiosus, -a, -um. After consulting my dictionary and my teacher, I found that curiosus is acceptable.There are many ways to say it, but for a tattoo, I chose:natura curiosa OR curiosa natura which means curious (from) nature, = curious by nature. A preposition is useless before the ablative. I am sure of it.Indeed, as we discussed it with my teacher, to show that “natura” is ablative, you could have a diacritical sign on the last “a” of natura which looks like a hyphen but on top of the vowel “a”. BUT this is not Latin!!! Those signs are added by scholars to help students to see where an ablative is and where it is not. (or any other instances where a vowel is long). In the real Latin texts those diacritical signs do not exist. You do not need a sign on the “a” of natura.
Why do people ask questions of a Philosophical nature and yet applaud a non-philosophical response?
Q: I find more and more that people ask questions that seem like they are philosophical in nature and yet are really questions that do not seek truths, but more seek an opinion that either rivals thier own or cannot be pondered due to the lack of clarity in the question.This is more a question of Human Nature than anything.Is it because people need to feel agreed with?What is it that makes a Phlosophical question viable?Do we ask, just to hear a myriad of answers or are we just curious of other minds?Any answers will do… Just thinking aloud. Answers about people being stupid and like, while recorded and possibly laughed over, will not be taken seriously.And yes, I am well aware of the Irony of the question being in the Philosophy section.I simply felt it would best achieve its purpose being in the subject catergory of the audience it was referring to.I also have a sense of humour, but I guess my love for philosophy sometimes causes me to query peoples understanding of its nature. Possibly a personal fault, Ill think on that.
A: great questions!! This is exactly how i feel about whats happening in this category. I often like to correct ppl’s questions either because i feel they are not clear or that they simply make no sense at all. Sometimes i feel that ppl get offended by what i do but I had to do something because some of these questions i saw were just dead confusing. For some reason even when the questions seemed to make sense, the asker didn’t expect a rational and logical response instead they wanted an answer that matched their opinion which wasn’t related any kind of truth except their own truth – something thats impossible to find out for anyone who does not have the ability to read minds. One thing i would encourage ppl to do is to assess the questions themselves more critically. In addition try to come up with responses that are “logical”. Lets not forget that this is the ‘philosophy’ section.
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