Why are people mean to other people

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Why are people mean? Here’s the short answer: They’re hurt. Here’s the long answer: They’re really hurt. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-people-mean-to-other-people ]
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When people are mean to you it could be mean they are jealous or want to feel better about themselves. If your wondering why making people feel bad would help themselves its because when they do that they feel in control knowing most kids w…
Stupidity, feeling of insecurity or inferiority, anger, lack of empathy or maybe because it’s simply a trait of their personality… are only a few reasons why people are mean You’re perfectly right. Everyone should take your example and be…
I’ll leave you with Iago’s final reply to a question of this nature—“You know what you know homey.” Actually he didn’t say homey—I just added that. However, I think motivations assigned to behavior are silly 20th century, Freudian invention…

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Why is my cat mean to other cats but ok w/ dogs and other people?
Q: My cat is very nice towards me and although insecure around other people (doesn’t like to be touched by anyone when new people come in the house) she is very mean to visiting cats. She is ok around the dogs at my parents house (will swat them if they get too close but doesn’t mind them). My cat is a fixed shelter cat and small for her age (couple years or more). When my friend brought his large nice male cat she cornered him, stalked him and attacked him very aggressivley. Why?
A: He was a “stranger” and male no less! She was probably defending her territory. Possibly she was hurt by a cat before you took her in and now she gets nervous or scared and feels threatened. The next time she “poofs” out her fur or gets too agressive, maybe put her in another room and talk to her calmly. Whenever a new animal friend comes over maybe try a slow introduction first. Have your friend give you one of the other cats items and keep it around the house for a couple of days before a visit (so she will get used to the scent) and then maybe she will react a little less agressive as the scent will not be a “new” one to her. Good luck and I hope all goes well!
Why are a lot of people that come from other countries so mean to americans?
Q: Not everyone, mind you, but a lot of people that are from other countries can be so mean to americans, saying that we are all dumb and stupid and fat and uneducated, etc. What’s the deal? It’s not like anybody has a choice on where they are born and raised.
A: America is the strongest country in the world, militarily, culturally and financially, and I’m jealous!
Why are people so mean and rude to other people that have C-Sections?
Q: I have noticed that a lot of people are so mean and rude to people that say they are having a c-section. I don’t understand this. Why?I can not have a vaginal delivery because I have hip and back problems and every doctor I have asked says I will have to have a c-section and if I tried to have the baby vaginally it could risk the life of both of us. Why is it so wrong to have a c-section?
A: Some people are the same way if you say you want an epidural and you’re not breastfeeding. I guess they think their opinion is the only way. I just can’t figure out why people get so worked up about what total strangers are doing. If you and your dr. are more comfortable, go for it.
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