Why are people obsessed with me

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Why are people OBSESSED?
They get a desired effect from the activity and then they want to recapture that feeling…addiction…or OCD
Why are people obsessed with celebrities?
They try to compensate for their own dull life. That is why particularly popular are celebrities who have never really achieved anything or did anything useful in their lives. A.
How many people here r obsessed with their acne and acne scars??
Hi Joeh, The history of my friend has been a rocky one too and her history of love relationships includes all kinds. Handsome is not a criteria in which she chooses a partner. The point about her handsome husband is he did, and does, find h…

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why are people so obsessed with farmville?
Q: what exactly do you like about it??
A: GOSH! I hate it!! And all the invites i get omg.. I personally like Pet Society better, but come on haha it gets boring like after 2 days.. I think people like having something thats theirs haha and it like grows and stuff like everyday.. or something 😛
How come alot of people are obsessed with Gucci and Louie Vaton?
Q: idk how to spell louie vaton i don’t see the big deal…but i do got some gucci shades
A: First off….it’s Louis VuittonI have 7 Louis Vuittton Handbags and four pieces of Louis Vuitton LuggageI have 4 Gucci Handbags and a Gucci Carryon BagI also have Prada, Chanel, Chloe, Hermes, Birken, Balenciaga, Miu Miu. Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and Bottega Venetta and Dolce & Gabanna. I don’t buy handbags to look wealthy because I am.AND…you can spot a knock off a mile away if you know what the real ones look like. They are NOT allowed to copy the originals to a “tee” so there are always “tell tell” signs that give a “forgery” away. Why carry a fake? It brings down the value of the market of those who make a living designing and selling real handbags.I also am 49 years old, own my own business and doing my residency in Psychology. I think if people want to carry them they should only carry the real thing and should be able to afford them. Only pay cash for them and only buy the ones you are going to use. I buy them because I use them and adore them.Peace, Love & HappinessEDIT: Notice the difference between the word “purse” and “handbag”….a purse is anything below the cost of $1000 or a knock off and a handbag is over $1000 and the real deal
Why do people become obsessed and why are some people prone to it than others?
Q: I know everybody becomes obsessed with stuff sometimes. But I believe that some people get obsessed with stuff more easily than others do. Especially me. I first realized this when the Harry Potter phenomenon started, and I realized that I was sucked into it far more than others were. When Cedric Diggory in book 4 died, I spent three days in the dark crying, hardly eating and hardly sleeping. I finally had to lock the books up and do something else, and a couple of weeks later, I wasn’t that obsessed about it.This time it’s a TV show (tragic love story), and I can’t seem to stop thinking about it (and what’s worse, I keep thinking of myself as the main character in the show), and well, i’m not asking how to get ridd of it (although some tips will be good), all I’m asking is why some people seem to get so sucked into something that they can’t seem to do anything else?Why is it that some people seem to get obsessed far more easily and with worse consequences than others?Oh, I’m not sure if this helps, but I think I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Not since I was born, but since last year… I think.
A: Well maybe you do sit on the edge of being a wee bit OCD about the whole thing, or maybe you are just an emotional sorta gal? You obviously identified with the characters in the Harry P books very closely and felt a sort of friendly attachment to them – do you have many acquaintances in daily life? Anyway nothing wrong with that and dont let anyone make you feel bad for expressing emotions.You provided your own answer in your passages above, when you said you LOCKED THE BOOKS AWAY AND GOT ON WITH OTHER THINGS.Now if it were a true obsession, you likely couldnt rationalise yourself through it quite like that – it would bite and nibble at you, and disturb your sleep and torment you all through the waking hours…… feeling uncomfy??!!Joking aside, you sound fairly normal to me. Read up on OCDs and brain chemistry – terribly interesting field and new discoveries being made all the time.
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