Why are people passive aggressive

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People can be passive aggressive because they lack the confidence necessary to face a situation head-on and work through it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-people-passive-aggressive ]
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How to deal with passive aggressive people.?
ignoring them to get your point across is being passive-aggressive. confront them in a neutral way and tell them how you feel.
How To Deal With Difficult People Part 3 – The Passive Aggressive?
Thirty-three year old Roberto had promised his wife Tina that he would be home after work in time for her to attend her weekly “women’s group” at her church. Having only one automobile, Tina was completely at the mercy of Roberto’…
Why do some people develop passive aggressive behavior??
Experts believe that it is rooted in a person’s childhood. As a child, the passive aggressive may have been exposed to unhealthy environments. For example, their parents could have been abusive or strict. They may have grown up in a home th…

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What are some reasons why people are passive aggressive?
Q: You know those people that will never tell you what’s wrong? I want to know what I did to upset them, and I don’t think I will ever find out. Why won’t they deal with it instead of pretending? What are they afraid of?
A: quick note: aNNIE, you are just PASSIVE. passive AGGRESSIVE is when you pretend like it doesnt bother you but then ACT in such a way that reveals that it DID bother you. it is incredibly frustrating and unfair to the offender. sure theydid the person wrong,but they’d like to apologize and maybe not do that again. it is just poor communication and if the p-a never says anything, they just look crazy.i think it is a defense mechanism. they want to try to appear unaffected, or say they are, lip-service, but it still bothers them enough to punish the offender.i HATE passive aggressive tendencies.i used to be very p-a and often find myself falling into old habits sometimes….i think assertive awareness is the way to go!
Why are people big on etiquette so passive aggressive?
Q: Seems that rich snooty people are passive when they have something rude to say. Just enough so that they dont have to stand behind what they are saying. Shouldnt that be considered rude? They like to believe they are smart, but really they are afraid of confrontation. Isnt it more polite to state your opinions bluntly so that if the person has a legitamate opposition he has the opprotunity to argue for it.Being passive aggressive back works fine, but not how I would choose to argue.why no answers? doesnt anyone at least agree that being rude is being rude no matter how you cut it?
A: yeah it is rude, and its a way of underminding somebody and belittleing somebody, not a nice quitity to have!
Why do people get passive aggressive when they are hogging the left lane?
Q: and you flash your high beams at them? In Germany, it’s expected that people will move over. Why are people in America so weird?
A: Because most of the Passing lane campers dont know its the Passing lane. They think its for driving in so they can turn left 10 miles up the road.
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