Why are people so afraid of change

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Fear of the Unknown and people tend to doubt themselves. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-people-so-afraid-of-change ]
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Why are people so afraid of change?
Because change has a strong element of the unknown. People are always afraid of the unknown, because, well, it is unknown! The same ol’ same ol’ is comfortable because there are no surprises, and people know what to expect. I try to not be …
Why are some people so AFRAID to have the Supreme Co6urt change i…?
Many people are afraid of anything that they don’t see reflected back at them from a mirror.
Why are so many people afraid of climate change??
I don’t know, it’s a natural process. We have went from one extremity to the other for numerous years and years. my answer.

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Why are some people so afraid of positive change?
Q: I saw some a**hole conservative on TV saying that progressive thinking is going to “destroy” our culture. Why are these people so afraid of positive change? Do they want to live in the dark ages forever where everyone is forced to conform and no one is free to live their life the way they want to?
A: Well first you have to believe that ‘progressive thinking’ equals positive change. Now in some instances it does and in others it may not help at all depending upon what you’re proposing to change. Being too doctrinaire in one direction or the other isn’t generally useful to advancing the betterment of society in my opinion.
Why are some people so afraid of change?
Q: Change is often a good thing because it allows one to grow. What’s to be scared of?
A: Because they are settled in their comfort zone. They are comfortable and know what to expect where they are. They are scared of the unknown.
Why are people afraid to rise up and change our government?
Q: This country is getting messed up. The government pays the rich and taxes the poor, we don’t have national health care(fyi I have talked to Canadians and Japanese and they told me wait times aren’t that long they are just a tad longer than the US may be a week), start unjustifiable wars, our free speech is diminishing as we speak b/c of the patriot act and we stand and take it some even support it. The constitution clearly states that the US people have the right to overthrow the government and create a new and fair one if it gets out of hand so why don’t people rise up and make a change? Not through violence but through protest and boycotts?
A: I think more and more people are getting close to their breaking point.. More and more people are being informed by noncommercial and unconventional forms of media.. Internet is a power that cant be easily contained…We need to do something before its too late… and before we loose more of our freedoms, that would prevent us from being able to stand up and protect those freedoms..
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