Why are people stressed

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General causes of stress: Threat-A perceived threat will lead a person to feel stressed. This can include physical threats, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-people-stressed ]
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How Do People Deal With Stress?
Nobody can avoid all stress, but you can learn ways to deal with it. When you’re stressed, it is normal to want to feel better. Some ways to deal with problems might make you feel better for a little while, but can make stress much worse la…
How do people cope with stress?
Coping strategies refer to specific effort to deal with a stressful event. Some people cope by doing something active to reduce a stressor. For example, people change deadlines when they feel overwhelmed by demands, take an alternate route …
Why do people get stressed?
When faced with the pressure to succeed the fear of failure can cause considerable anxiety. In some cases the worries about how parents and peers will react to their failure may surpass even their own concerns. With the thought that their e…

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Why do people get stressed about there age?
Q: When people get older, they seem to get stressed about there age..Shouldnt they be proud rather than stressed?
A: This society puts youth and youthful beauty above just about everything else. It’s tough to age gracefully when people expect you to have the looks of a woman (or man) 25 years your junior. I’ve decided not to worry about it. If I go gray, I go gray.
Why does some people’s eye colour change when they are tired or stressed?
Q: When my boyfriend is rested, he has deep brown eyes. When he is really tired or stressed, they are a hazel colour. Why is this?
A: Medically they don’t change, it’s all in your head. There is no scientific evidence that eyes change color according to mood. They are not mood rings. Sorry it’s a myth. They may appear lighter or darker to you because under different levels of stress the skin flushes and turns different shades of red so this of course affects how they eyes look.But the eyes do not change color.EDIT: Interesting point munnin, that could be true also.
Why are East Coast people always so stressed and rude?
Q: I work in the Seattle area for a company based in New York. We often get people from the east coast sent here to do certain things. We work 4 days a week and everyone is fairly relaxed and mellow and we get our jobs done efficiently. But these east coast people come here and are almost yelling when they talk, they bang things around, and act like they are about to have a nervous breakdown, constantly. They also can’t grasp the idea of a 4 day work week. Why can’t east coasters just chill and get their jobs done instead of distracting everyone else with their rudeness?
A: Cheers mate. I’ve noticed the same thing that the majority of east coaster act like it’s the freaking end of the world or something and need to just relax. Maybe they’re jealous because we have better beer than them?
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