Why are sisters so stupid

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Sisters are born that way. My sisters were they same way. 🙂 ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-sisters-so-stupid ]
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Why are younger sisters so stupid?
quit treating her like a daughter and treat her like a sister. Smack her around
Tell her to just go check out the cats at an animal shelter, it doesn’t hurt, she won’t be forced to take one home. When I adopted my cat they wanted to know if I owned my house or if I rented they needed to find out if I was allowed to hav…
Why is my sister so ugly and stupid?
See who she has to hang around with every day – a person who insults her, and calls her names. That would drive anyone crazy. Perhaps if you want to get along, you might try being nice. For a change. What goes around, comes around. Best of …

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why r sisters stupid?
Q: why is some sisters that never get along dont communicate with each other r tell them that there going somewhere with step-siblings and her boyfriend?and she never ask me if i want to go and i find that rude and i want ur oppion and explain plz
A: are you close in age? do you compete for the same friends? is one really active, and the other really pretty? is one a good girl and the other run with the wild crowd? these are things that went on when I was young. and my sister and I NEVER got along. we stayed grounded a lot for fist-fighting. I was active, a good student, honor society, everyone’s friend, and we were a year apart. she, on the other hand, wasn’t into any group activity, club or sport. she was a terrible student, snubbed her nose at a lot of people. we were total opposites, and you can believe we did nothing together. she was running with the wrong crowd, and even when my mother made her take me along to keep her out of trouble, she treated me like I wasn’t even there. she was jealous of who I was, all the activities I was in, and the fact that I had all kinds of friends. and I was jealous that she was the pretty one, and guys fell over themselves trying to get to her, even though she was a real b*tch. we didn’t get it all ironed out until we were older and had kids. it’s just something that happens. don’t hate your sister, just admit there could be some competitiveness, and maybe she’s jealous, afraid you will steal her sunshine. good luck!
How to deal with his stupid sisters?
Q: Me and my boyfriend’s two older sisters don’t get along at all. They don’t like me and I don’t like them. Both of them are so overprotective, it’s really ridiculous. They don’t want me with him, and have threatened to beat me up if I don’t stay away from him. What am I supposed to do? I want to get along with them and I want them to accept me, but I don’t think that’s possible. I’ve done absolutely nothing to them to make them hate me, I have no idea why they disapprove of me so much.
A: its not between u and them i think this is a family issue… its more of he and them. many ppl just cant stand ppl being happy so they try to ruin it, just be yourself always and try while around them to ignore it.be happy girl and remember its you who matters. well if ur BF really cares then
Why are sisters stupid?
Q: She eats my mind a lot
A: hahahahahathey arn’t stupid but its just the way brothers and sisters communicate when they are young, which in turn gets them closer with few fights and few arguments
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