Why do girls cry all the time

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Girls cry because of the hormones they have make them more emotional and sensitive [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-girls-cry-all-the-time ]
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Why do girls cry all the time.?
We don’t cry all the time. We cry more than guys, because we are more emotional than guys. But when a girl does seemingly cry for no reason, there probably is a hidden reason. Maybe she doesn’t want to tell you. Maybe it was a “that …
Do all girls cry all the time?
yes sir. its all we do everyday.
Why does my 11yr old girl cry all the time?
Talk to her and ask her why she is crying all the time. Be gentle and just see what she will tell you. It could be something to do with the smaller children in the house. She may feel that they are getting more attention than her or that yo…

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why do girls cry all the time.?
Q: Why do girls cry for no reason at all, and there is nothing you can do or give them.
A: We don’t cry all the time. At least not for me.
Why do girls cry after having sex the first time?
Q: I’m not talking about them crying during or after sex because of pain, as in it hurts. I know it hurts.But what I want to know is why girls cry just because?The emotional part of it all?And don’t tell me they don’t.They do. Maybe not RIGHT after.But sometimes, afterwards, they do.And I just wanna know why.So maybe I can be prepared for one-day. (Not anyday soon)
A: Well, I’m sure it’s a combination of reasons really. It’s a very emotional experience, as well as a very intimate experience, which might leave them feeling like a profound bond has been formed or strengthened. Think about it: sex involves being in a very vulnerable state, often with someone who is loved very deeply. If we are talking about sex where one’s virginity is lost, then we are also dealing with a very important coming-of-age event / rite of passage. And we shouldn’t forget the rush of hormones that must be coursing through the body at the time.I think when you consider all these factors it’s understandable why some women cry after sex. Sometimes I hear men do as well.
Do all girls cry all the time?
Q: it seems like that. my sisters, mom, and gf cry all the time. is it estrogen?
A: yes sir.its all we do everyday.
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