Why do girls "cut"

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It can be hard to understand why people cut themselves on purpose. Cutting is a way some people try to cope with the pain …more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-girls-%22cut%22 ]
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you might want to explain that question more.
It all depends on the girls. Some girls just plain talk loud all the time, like a ton of my friends. Half the time they don’t even know they are. I don’t know why. That’s just how they are. sometimes I’m like that too. But I’ve gotten in th…
This kind of thing always makes me laugh. I can remember when I used to call women too often, and if they didn’t show up, I’d get upset and try to set up another date with them, etc. Of course, they’d usually play hard to get, and wind up t…

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Why do girls have more friends than boys on facebook?
Q: Thats just something I noticed. Like the average boy has about 200-250 friends on facebook while the average girl has about 300-350 friends on that site. The popular dudes have about 300+ friends on facebook while popular girls have 500+ friends. These are not actual statistics its just something I estimated.
A: Girls in general are more social, and like the security of having many friends. Also, for the popular kids (both male and female), usually, other people add them because they know who they are, even though they haven’t actually met. I’m guessing you’re in high school, where this can really still happen. For the girl/boy thing, girls are often in large groups of friends, while guys are in smaller groups. Most people don’t talk to most of their friends on facebook on a regular basis anyways, so it doesn’t say much.
Why do girls have issues seeing the beauty in themselves and others?
Q: Very few girls in real life look like super models or actresses. None of us is perfect, and a select few are naturally stunning. Even so, we all have beautiful qualities. Why is it that so many girls are more apt to notice what’s “wrong” with someone’s appearance (a small chest or large nose, for instance) instead of all the beautiful things about them?
A: I think its because of all those models girls are comparing themselves to. But they are photoshopped! There’s a lot of things I hate about my self and one being I have curly hair but would DIE to have straight :-(.
Why do innocent girls envy others who are into drugs or who have had a traumatic life?
Q: I don’t understand why young girls, usually between ages 15-25, lie about who they are. They say things have happened to them like they are or have been in an abusive relationship, or that they have been raped? Or they lie and say that they are into drugs and suicidal things, even if they really don’t do drugs or they really don’t think about suicide unless they are with their friends who are into that kind of stuff? Can anyone answer that for me? Why young girls do and say these things? It’s unfathomable.
A: their minds are still immature and emotionally lacking….they want attention and reach out for it in bad ways.
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