Why do humans fight

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We fight, and each other for a single reason; we are, regardless of how we try to separate ourselves from the fact, animals. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-humans-fight ]
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Why do Humans Fight?
Humans are one of the very few species who actively war on their own kind, which seems an evolutionary paradox. … One researcher has looked at it from a primitive people’s point of view and thinks he has an answer, it is because we are…
Why humans fight each other
If we were just animals and nothing more, we would not have developed an ability to understand ourselves in our own environment. There are very few animals that possess the ability to perceive themselves in a mirror. We b…read more As I s…
Will Kangaroos fight humans?
they react by boxing they are the best boxers ever

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Why are humans fight with the weakest part of our anatomy?
Q: A horse will kick with his back legs which is the stongest part of all his limbs. A tiger will use his teeth. A bear his formidable claw. A bull his horn…etc… we fight with our fists. A human hand consisted of very small bones and the human wrist is not the stongest part of our body by far. A boxer would shatter all his hand bones during a bout if his fist is not taped. Why are we soo stupid?I realize that martial art people fight with elbow and knee…etc…but that was taught to them, not a natural reaction.
A: Human are fragile by nature so it doesn’t take a huge force to hurt a homo sapiens. So speed is more important than the force itself and the fists are faster than the legs, that is why we use them.
why do many pit bulls still like humans when humans fight them or mistreat them? They still lick their hands.?
Q: Pit bulls still come and give love to humans when their owners fight them or torture them, why is that?
A: Unconditional love!!!So sad!!!
Why is it illegal to fight dogs, but quite legal to fight humans.?
Q: If TNA wrestling and brain busting match fights are example of humane intertainment, then there is something wrong with the human race. Why inprison someone for breeding and fighting a dog, when we condition and train human to fight and kill one another. Is it free choice or a point of view. Is it because we can help the dogs, but cannot help ourselves.
A: Dogs have no say in the matter. People do.
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