Why do I feel bad about myself

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I don’t know, you may want to contact a Hotline counselor directly by calling 1-800-448-3000. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-feel-bad-about-myself ]
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Why do I feel so bad about myself?
In all honesty your making to much of this. =/ Your 18 years old and its O K to be dependent on other people. Your still young! =) Your making a conscious effort to get a job and be socially successful. These things don’t always occur over …
Should I feel bad about myself?
Be true to yourself, if you don’t want to have sex then don’t and don’t worry what other people (guys) say about you. It’s an ego thing for them to lie about it when it has never happened. I waited and I’m glad I did.
How do I not feel bad about myself?
dont listen to them. there is always gonna be someone out there thats gonna try to tear u down… its like that for everyone. if u dont think so, take a look at celebrities for instance, everyone thinks that they are so loved and so beautif…

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Why do I feel bad about myself so often?
Q: I’m 18, and whenever I do something bad, I feel bad for the whole day – for example, I go boxing and whenever i receive a punch or lose a sparring fight, I feel like an asshole for the whole day. It’s like I could always do more, but can’t and I regret for not trying my bestHow do I get rid of that feeling?
A: Competitive nature is supposed to be a good thing. don’t dwell on past defeats, you MUST understand and come to terms with the fact that nobody’s perfect. You can be a perfectionist all you want, but that will lead to the fact that there is always room to improve. In your question you state that you regret “not trying your best”. That is a major part of your problem. You cannot have a competitive edge if you knowingly fail to try your best.If you try your best and fail, you were not the better fighter that day. If you don’t try your best and fail, you were not the better person that day.Hate to go Rocky III on ya, but, Eye of the Tiger, bud…gotta have it.
why do others always want me to feel bad about myself ? i have come across some questions specifically?
Q: for me and they werent ok ? what to do ?
A: If you find one category upsetting because the questions and answers feel as if they relate to you, then stay away from those categories.If answers are actually mentioning your name or user name, then report them and get the questions deleted. However Goofy is a word that many people use, that does not mean it is directed at you.
Why does he make me feel bad about myself everytime i talk to him?
Q: everytime i talk to my ex we get into a fight and he makes me feel bad about myself and then gossips with his friends about me and then i get a bad name ( he is like the leader of his friends) and even if i dont say something that bad he makes me feel bad and i cant stop talking to him because we have this group of kids that everyone are friends and we are both in it and i cant take it anymore PLEASE HELP ME WHAT SHOULD I DO?
A: easy question easy answer, stop talking to him hes your ex for a reason
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