Why do I feel sad for no reason

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Feeling sad for seemingly no reason happens to many people. Has anything happened in your life recently? Any changes? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-feel-sad-for-no-reason ]
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Why do I feel sad for no reason?
Sounds like some anxiety or stress related to your exams. Do you worry about them? you may not always realise just how much weight these important times in life put on our bodies. You may not feel stressed but your body knows otherwise. …
How often do you feel sad for no apparent reason??
Nearly every day. But there are reasons.
Does anyone ever feel sad for no apparent reason?
No, I always have a reason, it may not be a good one, but there’s a reason.

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Why do I feel sad for no reason?
Q: Sometimes I just get sad. Even if I have no reason to be. I just feel depressed and alone. I have a great group of friends that seems to get a little bigger each day. I have a few family problems but nothing so bad to make me depressed. I am 16, but not dating, never have, don’t know if I want to. I can usually push it away while I’m talking to or with my friends. Can you help me out by understanding this?
A: Many teens go through depression, sometimes it’s just part of growing up and other times there’s a bigger problem.You could be suffering from hypo-mania, a form of bi-polar, you could be affected by seasonal mood disorder, or there could be underlying psychological problems. I have a friend who is bipolar and through her psych discovered something traumatic happened when she was very small and she is not ready to explore the details.You could be suffering from some other medical condition that’s making you feel depressed. See your doctor and have the medical/physical issues eliminated or addressed. If there are no medical issues or they have been addressed, seek psychiatric help or counseling.
why do we feel sad without any proper reason?
Q: All of a sudden, without a geniune reason if we feel sad, what does that signify?
A: You could be be suffering from or are showing early signs of depression. Otherwise, something just might have happened in your life that just makes you sad.
Why do I feel sad without an observable reason?
Q: I can be around friends, around people, having dinner, having fun and then suddenly I’ll feel sad and lose interest in the things going on around me. There are things that we are not happy about in our lives but why do I get sudden outbursts of sadness which are hard to come out of?
A: If you are a teen or preteen, it’s probably just your hormones. Sorry, but you’ll have to deal with the ups and downs for a while until your body balances out. In the meantime, when you’re sad, it might help a little to know that it’s just a temporary hormonal inbalance and there is nothing wrong with you. BUT – if it gets severe or you have thoughts of hurting yourself, then talk to someone right away (parents, teachers, nurse). However, keep in mind that these days they try to give you a pill for everything (you don’t want meds if you can avoid it). When I’m sad, I allow myself to cry, I write poetry, and basically just have myself a “pity party” with me and my box of kleenex! lol!! I feel so much better after a good cry 🙂
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