Why do I fight a lot

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You might fight a lot because you have unresolved issues. Before you pick a fight try counting to ten and take the high road! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-fight-a-lot ]
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What do you fight about? My husband and I fight a lot about bills…?
Communication or intimacy is the underlying factor in almost every fight we have.
Did you guys fight a lot?
My son said from the beginning, “Dad, don’t go aggro on me,” knowing that I can get excited about things. But I think we succeeded; we had fun. I don’t think there was much fighting between us.
Do married couples fight a lot.?
Yes they do. We have been married for almost 11 yrs and had some whoopers. The trick is to learn how to fight. I told my husband one I am sorry but I had to get it off my chest and you were the only one here instead of yelling at the kids. …

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why are my two boy teddy bear hamsters starting to fight a lot now?
Q: a few days ago my 2 teddy bear hamsters started to fight a lot. i dont know what got into them. can you please help me. im desperate. i dont want to see them die.
A: all hamsters are territorial. when you get hamsters at the pet store, they do get along, but that’s because the cage they were kept in at the pet store isn’t claimed. even male and female hamsters fight. you have to separate them now. one of them claimed more land in the cage than they should, and now they will fight for ever. you have to get a separate cage. the only kind of hamster that won’t fight with another hamster is a dwarf hamster. get them apart immediately, they will fight until death. also, teddy bear hamsters aren’t real. they are called long haired Syrian hamsters. the pet stores just give them crazy names like teddy bear hamsters and fancy hamsters and panda hamsters. these are all types of Syrian hamsters. so, all in all, never let your hamsters see each other again. they will chatter and attack. I’m a veterinarian!
why do couples who fight a lot stay together for a while?
Q: this one couple fights sometimes a lot it seems and they’ve been together forever; why do people stay w/ someone they have so many differences with ?
A: I guess a lot of people just find it hard to let go. Sometimes people don’t realize that they will be on their own once that person is gone. It’s just a completely different mind set, and it’s like starting over so they decide to overlook their differences and deal.Then I suppose others just seem to agree on that a relationship isn’t perfect and it’s not going to be the most beautiful thing in the world but that every piece of beauty has some rough edges.Both, I think if taken too long and too far to the point where its just never ending fighting, aren’t healthy relationships ya?But if its just a few fights now and then, well every couple breaks up now and then. I supposed you’d have to realize that there’s got to be room for imperfection ya?Well if it’s just differences people over look those. It’s just opinion vs opinion and everyone is different. Relationships do take effort and energy and compromises. The time getting there doesn’t have to be easy.
Why do my boyfriend I fight a lot when we are not together, but when we are around each other we are fine?
Q: Me and my boyfriend have been a couple for almost a year now. When we do not see each other and only talk over the phone, it seems as if we fight so much, and i feel really irritated. But once we see each other everything seems fine as if the fight never happened, and we don’t fight. Is it because we only see each other once a week because of the distance and school? Or what is it?
A: Just relax, if you love him these little arguments won’t mean anything.
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