Why do I get angry sometimes

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You may be angry for many reasons: stress, neglect, abuse, overwhelming pressure, and being misunderstood. ChaCha is here to help! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-get-angry-sometimes ]
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Did Gandhi get angry sometimes?
Gandhi was a good man he is the man who was extremely angry. He had a lot of anger but the anger was channeled towards something that helped society. It is a well known fact that he beat his wife but that does not make him a bad person. If …
Do you sometimes get angry?
Do you sometimes stay angry a long time? Do you sometimes stay angry a long time and still you cannot change anything about what you are angry about? I do. This page is about hate. About everyone I know hates some things. But very few is …
Why do I suddenly get angry sometimes?
All teens occasionally experience anger and express it in some manner. Some methods of expressing anger cause problems. Some teens express their anger as it occurs, and others allow it to build up until they eventually explode. It is better…

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Why are people angry sometimes for no reason?
Q: I seem to be angry for no reason – and I’m mad with everyone, whether or not they do anything. Why does this happen?
A: I’m surprised you message and surf and haven’t researched this yetI get like that alot, but I get angry if I am sure there is a reasonsuch as insults, other people talk like I don’t have a reason and that is their belief, not always the truth I believe myself that there isalways some reason anyone gets mad but you could have a stressproblem or a disorder, such as brain chemicals not functioning wellThere are medications that help your neurotransmitters perform likethey should and reduce or stop this or…. maybe your hormones are out of balance Go to WebMD and research They have a systemchecker on there Happy Hunting and best wishes
why do people look angry sometimes when i dress up too nice?
Q: i live in a small town in california and sometimes i notice people look at me in a really mean way when i dress up nice.( like a polo and jeans ) which isnt nice nice, but its just a clean look. why would they do that?
A: Could be an expression on your face or the way you carry yourself after you dress up. Maybe you come accross differently than you think. Could also be jealousy.
Why do I get so angry sometimes ? How to “calm myself down” in such moments ?
Q: Sometimes, I really want to jump and “kill” somebody, I don’t show it of course, but I am burninbg inside, although I don’t even say a word.
A: Be your self, don`t fleeth from your self. Be in the situation you are in, and experience it.The worst that can happend is, if you go around being scared of your anger.Even though you feel the anger, you do not need to express it at every time.Find ways of expressing your anger. Write, paint, exercise.Use it as a force to enhance your life, instead of making it a handicap.Your anger is your strength.Learn ways to express it. Find words to express your feelings.Especially people from familys where anger is seen as a taboo., they tend to have lots of built up anger inside.If you block your anger, you might get phisically sick. Take care of it. Look at it as your engine.
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