Why do I get deja vu

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It is widely believed that déjà vu could be caused by the mis-timing of neuronal firing, which tricks the brain. ChaCha back soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-get-deja-vu ]
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Why do you get deja vu?
No one knows for sure, but some people think that something occured to you in the past that was somewhat similar to what recently happened, or something reminded you of something that happened in the past. There’s also the possibility that …
What is deja vu?
While living in a third dimensional body we can only access between 2 to 5% percent of our mind. The rest of the mind scientists refer to as “junk DNA.” This DNA is referred to in this way because science cannot explain the uses o…
What Causes Deja Vu?
You walk into a meeting, this meeting has never taken place before today, yet you get this eerie feeling that you been to this meeting before, you have had this meeting before, somehow, you know it. Perhaps you are meeting people for the fi…

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Why do I keep having deja vu experiences from my dreams?
Q: I experience deja vu alot. After thinking long and hard about whether I had gone through the situation before (to see if it really wasn’t deja vu, just a memory), I realize that this could not possibly have happened before and the reason for deja vu was because I had a VERY similar dream to it. So, what is really going on is that I am dreaming up situations before they happen. This doesn’t just happen occasionally, it occurs so often that I find it hard to separate actual events in my life from dreams. This rose up several questions in my head. Why are my dreams so lifelike and vivid (nothing seemingly unreal or fantasy-like about them)? Is there something my subconscious is trying to tell me in my sleep? Why are my dreams creating a lot of deja vu? Weird, huh? Any explanations?
A: When referring to anything Deja Vu, one is in reality addressing the phenomenon of the Time Track itself. The past, present, and future are in reality one. Deja Vu is the dream instance of the individual seeing places and events as they occur in the future or present but in the subtle, or dream, body. Oftentimes one is not aware of this phenomenon and on experiencing this track merging into the present fully, a most interesting, curious muse occurs that one cannot quite put their mental fingers on: it is not centered in the physical plane in the first place where the commonalities apply any longer and where the laws have a different governance on matter, energy, space, and time. Sometimes one will see a place or have an event in which they have first seen it or underwent the occasion in the dream state with considerable recall; and when beholding the place or event here in the physical present, it is immediately recognizable. Deja Vu is not some random or coincidental thing in itself but is the combining of many things at once resonating not unlike hearing several differing musical instruments playing several different notes but at some point begin to play in unison, the same note and pitch. It is not something of a amorphous nature but is an actual state in real-time but somewhere else on the Time Track not presently aligned to our own and that may or may not focus in the individual in real-time here in the physical state. But when this does occur, this is the Deja Vu as so named. Time, Matter, Energy, and Space are in the constant state of flux in any physical universe, thus the spacing and timing of the Deja Vu manifesting depends on several variables of alignments of all these states of the matter worlds meeting in unison and expressing through the individual who is perceptive of it prompted by a given condition.
I have been experincing weird things, I’m guessing peoples actions and having alot of deja vu? Why?
Q: I have been experincing weird things, I’m guessing peoples actions and what they’re going to say and having alot of deja vu? Its starting to freak me out and happening more frequently.. Why?
A: Have you handled any meteorites from space or been bitten by any radioactive spiders lately?
How often do you experience Deja Vu? Can you explain why it happens?
Q: Some say that Deja Vu is our subconscious remembering of our past lives. How do you feel about Deja Vu when you experience it? How do you explain it?
A: I have actually been experiencing Deja Vu a lot lately. I think it’s because I might have seen the same images in a dream but forgot about it. This theory may also sound crazy but maybe I restarted the day because I royally screwed up big time. Lol. Just a thought.
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