Why do I get mad a lot

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You may get mad a lot because you have an overactive temper. You should try not getting stressed out over little things to help. Go ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-get-mad-a-lot ]
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Why Do China People Get Mad A Lot?
I do not know that the oriental race gets mad any more often than another. I lived in Taipei, Taiwan for 2 years while my husband worked there. The people there speak louder and seemed to be more excitable than what we are used to in the Un…
Will my ISP get mad if I download a lot?
Most ISP providers do have an alert point on the amount of downloading a person does. My local Comcast notified me when I exceeded 25gigs within one month. I would pop into my ISP’s local office and chat without giving them your name or acc…
Do fast food cooks get mad when someone orders A LOT of food??
Working at a fast food place for over a year now, I can confidently say that no, they don’t get mad. Of course, as I’m taking the order, the cooks and I laugh at how much food is on the screen, but never mad. The only time I see them mad is…

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Why do people get mad if other people spend a lot money on clothes?
Q: People say stuff like, “Why spend $40 on a shirt? That’s so stupid.” What if the person earned that money from a job and they want to spend money on some clothes they like?Some people not only by expensive clothes but have/do volunteered or donated money.
A: I know I hate when people do that it’s like what do you care. I mean as long as u earned it and desirve it then fine. But if ur spoiled and got something thats a lot of money for no reason then wtf. but if u saved up for it or did something to earn it then fine. My cousin does that to me like if I told her that i spent more than 20 dollars on pants or a shirt shes like u could of brought something cheaper and im like i earned that money and brought it so wtf u do u care. or my parents got it for me bc i have been helping around the house or somethin or i got good grades. or when i wear juicy shes like its so much why do u buy it. im like bc i like it and bc i brought it with money that i earned. or i got it as a gift or did somethin for my parents
Why do some women show a lot of breast cleavage and get mad when men look at them?
Q: If a woman is going to where a top where her boobs are practically busting out she obviously wants people to look at her boobs or she doesn’t mind it. I don’t even care for a woman’s breasts since I am a straight girl but excessive cleavage does attract my eyes to her chest (whether I want it to or not). So why do some women do that?
A: I think it’s cause they want to look good but don’t want us to stare them down and we shouldn’t but it’s hard for us not to. And if a girl was staring at our “bulge” we would be delightfully complemented for it, but girls in general are different. Girls mostly are always not as easy. another thing could be they are trying to look good for other girls and not necessarly us
Why when blacks segregate themselves a lot of white people get mad and feel left out?
Q: This has happened to a lot. When I to church there aren’t many black people so naturally we hang together. But a lot of the whites get mad and say that we don’t like white people or they will say segregation is over.We hang out with whites all the time. Its just that they get mad when we decide to have an all black affair occasionally. (though we don’t say that)
A: Well i want to be friends with black people but if they always want to avoid us then i get sad and think they don’t like us. its hard to get to know someone and want to end racism and segregation if they don’t want to hang with us.
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